Mikmaq warriors in court after RCMP crackdown

first_imgAPTN National NewsMembers of the Mi’kmaq warriors society were in court in Moncton, New Brunswick, Tuesday.They’re facing various charges after that RCMP crackdown on the anti-fracking barricade in Rexton, New Brunswick last week.APTN’s Ossie Michelin has been following this story and joins APTN from the court house in Moncton.last_img

Passion for Caftan More than a runway show

first_imgBy Najoua Bijjir – Rotterdam, NetherlandsPassion for Caftan is a fashion event held twice a year in Belgium. On Sunday, March 30, the sixth edition of the event will take place in the city of Antwerp. Nasim Tesoudali, an organizer of the event, reveals secrets behind the successful event.What can you tell us about Passion for Caftan? “Passion for Caftan is a fashion event, which focuses on Moroccan and Arab haute couture. With this event we want to make a contribution to the fashion industry, where the caftan certainly has earned its place,” Tesoudali said.What can the audience expect during the upcoming event?“This year we have 24 designers from Europe, Morocco and Dubai. Every year we invite special guests of honour to participate in the event. And I’m proud to announce that this year our guests are actresses Samia Akkariou, Nora Skali, Leila Hadioui, and TV-host Samira el Beloui. Furthermore, we have a few surprise acts in store. This way Passion for Caftan is more than a runway show. It’s also an experience reminiscent of a fashion gala.What is the secret behind the success?The first edition of Passion for Caftan was held in 2009, and was officially opened by former Prime Minister Yves Leterme. Since then, the event has grown each year. Even though the caftan is a Moroccan gown, our visitors have different ethnical backgrounds, and are interested in wearing a caftan as well. The Moroccan caftan is similar to the Moroccan kitchen, it’s rich in ingredients and everything is possible. Therein lies the success of Passion for Caftan. We’re especially looking forward to cross borders with our concept.The gown that never disappeared What makes the caftan a special gown?To answer this question, we asked the Moroccan couture designer and Passion For Caftan ambassador, Amine M’rani, about his experience with the upcoming event. “Passion for Caftan is the number one caftan event in Europe. We’ve never imagined it could be such a success. We are the place for brides-to-be looking for a Moroccan wedding gown. We always add a new twist to the caftan, and make the gown look very stylish in each collection we present.”“The caftan is actually a very rare gown among others, and through the ages it never disappeared. In fact, the caftan keeps developing and modernizing. It’s the only gown that is suitable for different styles and different purposes, such as a modern soiree or a very traditional one. The caftan is very suitable to wear in every country, that’s because the gown blends easily in different cultures. This is what inspires me most about the caftan,” M’rani said.How did you begin designing caftans?“I was born into a family that always was into fashion and designing. From my father’s side as well as my mother’s. I’ve always been surrounded by the most beautiful fabrics and craftsmanship of a high quality. When it comes to designing a caftan I always keep this in mind.”What can we expect from your collection during the upcoming event?“We are the first doorsteps to weddings. Therefore our upcoming collection focuses especially on bridal collection. We added many new twists to the Caftan, as a wedding gown, in our new collection.”Arab fashion meets the westDuring Passion for Caftan we will not only admire the works of Moroccan fashion designers, but also that of the Dutch fashion designer Irving Vorster, head designer at the label IRVINX. We asked Irving Vorster to tell us about his contribution to the fashion event. “For the upcoming show I was asked to design a special caftan gown. Previously, I designed a dress for Kristiane Backer, author of the book From MTV to Mecca, and enjoyed working on this dress. Now, I’m looking forward to designing a unique caftan, featured with my design mark. These are my distinctive asymmetric lines in every gown.”Dutch fashion designer Irving VorsterWhat do you think about a fashion event dedicated to the Caftan?“Passion for Caftan is a beautiful concept where the Arab fashion meets the West.As a designer I am very excited to discover the Moroccan culture, and I am even considering designing an exclusive collection of caftans within my regular collection.”What do you think about Moroccan and Arab fashion in general?“What strikes me most about many Muslim women in the West, is that they always look very groomed and beautiful. In my opinion, a woman doesn’t necessarily have to be naked to look her best. When a woman looks grooming, she looks very feminine. This is clearly reflected in the Islamic culture.”Dutch fashion designer Irving Vorster, showing a caftan in progress© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Top UN envoy repeats need for all sectors to take part in

Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Iraq Ashraf Qazi met with Farouq Abdel Rahman, head of the Iraqi Turkoman Front, Hussein Al-Shahristani, a leading member of the United Iraqi Coalition, and Interim Minister of Planning Mahdi Hafed, the latest in a long line of political, religious, ethnic and tribal leaders he has consulted since almost as soon as the ballot closed on 30 January. Since then he has repeatedly stressed the need for all Iraqis to take part in shaping their country’s future following very low voter turnout in Sunni Arab areas amid boycott calls and ongoing violence. Shiite Muslim Arabs, who voted in large numbers, are estimated to constitute about 60 per cent of the population, while Kurds – who also turned out en masse for the polls – and Sunni Arabs make up about 20 per cent each. Mr. Qazi again emphasized today that the UN will continue to promote a broad-based national dialogue among all Iraqi political powers in implementation of its mandate under Security Council resolution 1546 to promote national dialogue and coordinate international aid to the country. Twenty-three funds, programmes and agencies are working together under the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) to support the reconstruction process in the country. read more

£16m Harrods customer loses bid to keep her £22m homes

Mrs A yesterday lost her appeal against the two orders after Mr Justice Supperstone dismissed her application to discharge the UWOs.Mr Justice Supperstone noted that “independent of the conviction there is evidence which provides some corroboration for the allegations made against him [Mrs A’s husband] relating to the misuse of the bank’s funds of which he was found guilty”.He stated that “three separate loyalty cards were issued to Mrs A by department store Harrods, where she spent more than £16 million between September 2006 and June 2016, which the court heard was “far in excess” of her husband’s income.Each week the woman spent tens of thousands of pounds on luxury goods, while her child has a share fund worth £15m.James Lewis QC, for Mrs A, said that her husband was a “fat cat international banker” whose wealth covered his wife’s expenditure.Sitting at the High Court Mr Justice Supperstone also discharged an anonymity order preventing the identification of the couple, the non-EEA country, the bank, the two properties and Mr A’s lawyers in the non-EEA country.Mr Justice Supperstone said he was “not satisfied” that the anonymity order was necessary in order to protect their interests. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. He concluded that “identification of Mrs A and her husband, the non-EEA country involved and the state-owned enterprise that employed him are all matters of very real public interest”.However, he directed that the anonymity order stay in place until noon on October 10, pending the outcome of an application for permission to appeal over both the ruling on the UWO and on the anonymity order.Indicating that Mrs A would seek to take the case to the Court of Appeal Mr Lewis said the case raised “clearly important issues”.Donald Toon, NCA director for economic crime, said: “I am very pleased that the court dismissed the respondent’s (Mrs A’s) arguments. This demonstrates that the NCA is absolutely right to ask probing questions about the funds used to purchase prime property.”We are determined to use the powers available to us to their fullest extent where we have concerns that we cannot determine legitimate sources of wealth.”Legal commentators say that if the UWO against Mrs A stands, it is likely to pave the way for more orders against suspects, including Russian oligarchs with property in Britain. The wife of an international banker who spent £16 million at Harrods has lost her bid to keep hold of two opulent properties worth £22m.The woman, who had three separate loyalty cards for the Knightsbridge store, was the subject of the first two orders issued under so called McMafia laws.Two Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs) were obtained by the National Crime Agency (NCA) in February in relation to the two properties; a £11.5m home purchased in 2009 by a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands and a London home bought the same year for a similar sum.Mrs A’s husband was the chairman of a bank in a non-European Economic Area (EEA) country, in which the state had a controlling stake. Following his resignation in 2015 he was convicted of fraud and embezzlement, sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment and ordered to pay the bank approximately 39 million US dollars.As a result the NCA obtained two UWOs against his assets on the grounds the funds used to purchase the properties were bought with cash stolen while he was working for a state bank in their home country.The NCA has the power to seize assets if officials believe the owner is a politically exposed person (PEP) – someone from outside the EEA in a position of power that makes them liable to bribery or corruption – or someone with suspected links to serious or organised crime, and they are unable explain the source of their wealth. read more

Dronebased mapping

first_imgAnya Lamb, Marketing Manager @DroneDeploy notes that drone-based mapping is “already bringing enormous insights and efficiency gains to a variety of industries. The ability to quickly get an overhead view of a job site is very useful for site planning and communication — but for many industries, particularly mining, using drones to understand elevation data is even more valuable.“In February, we released our initial elevation and volume tools, which gave users a way to capture relative elevation data and measure stockpile volumes in a way that was faster and more cost-effective than ever before. With just one 15 minute flight, users can collect elevation data that would have taken hours — if not days — to collect with traditional ground-based surveying methods.“That initial release was just the beginning. In the last four months, we’ve worked with our users to better understand how they use elevation data in their businesses, and we are excited to announce several new improvements to help make the elevation data in DroneDeploy even more powerful.“It sounds like a simple thing, but the ability to immediately view the elevation of any point when you drop a marker on your map can be used for a variety of different purposes. With this new capability, it’s easy to measure the height of a structure or use the elevation and distance between points to calculate slopes, and more.” As shown in the diagram.The original version of the volume tool released back in February allows users to outline a formation, e.g., a stockpile, and then instantly calculate the volume with a click of the button. Behind the scenes, DroneDeploy used the outline to define the “base” of the stockpile, and then compares the base to the surface of the pile to make the calculation.The first version of the tool worked great for calculating stand-alone stockpiles on flat surfaces. In one case study, drone service provider Dallas VanZanten discusses how he used the DroneDeploy volume tool to calculate stockpile volumes at a granite processing plant to within 1% accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.“Drones are safer, faster, and about half the cost as compared to traditional ground-based volumetrics.” — VanZanten, Skymedia NorthwestBut what if you need to calculate the volume of a bench in an open-pit mine or walled stockpile where the base of the structure can’t be easily defined by drawing a perimeter on the ground? A small adjustment to the volume tool now allows you to use the lowest selected point to define the base of the volume want to calculate, making the volume calculation useful and accurate for a broader range of volume calculations.last_img read more

The Peoples Daily building in China looks like a gigantic goldplated um

first_imgTrump carries a wad of cash for tipping people in his back pocket instead of a wallet Contaminated tap water could lead to 100,000 cases of cancer in the US if people drink it their whole lives. Here’s how worried you should be. Since right after World War II, the president’s national security adviser has an unparalleled ability to influence events worldwide 10 things in tech you need to know today via moonchild888/Instagramvia peekaboo_lu/Instagramvia theslawdr/Instagram These photos make us feel very insignificant>Do you remember photographer Arthur Fields of O’Connell Bridge?> THE HEADQUARTERS OF the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily has been likened to gigantic part of the male anatomy, reports Shanghaiist.That much has been observed for awhile, but now final stages of construction are taking place, and it turns out the building is going to be gold-plated, which makes the whole thing even more garish.It is in Beijing if you ever happen to be there and want to swing by to inspect it for yourself.Here are some images of the building from Instagram.last_img read more

Michael Wolff Named Editorial Director of Adweek Media

first_imgTrouble or not, e5 has at the very least secured impressive media buzz from the Min and Wolff appointments, not to mention Beckman himself, who left a president and chief executive post at Condé Nast’s Fairchild Fashion Group in January to head up e5.e5 Global Media, backed by Pluribus Capital Management and Guggenheim Partners, bought the Adweek Media Group titles, along with The Hollywood Reporter and four other brands from Nielsen Business Media in late 2009. Michael Wolff, Newser founder and Vanity Fair columnist, has been named editorial director of Adweek Media, a group of trade magazines including Adweek, Mediaweek and Brandweek owned by e5 Global Media. Wolff is the second high-profile appointment since e5 CEO Richard Beckman hired Janice Min as editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter. Wolff [pictured] is known for his aggressive take on the media business and it appears that this sensibility was key to his appointment and one he will continue to exploit. Beckman told the New York Times that Wolff is “…controversial. Which is good. If you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs.”Likewise, Wolff said of his hire that he plans on having a lot of fun covering the media business and that he wants to “make some trouble.”last_img read more

MISSING CAT Have You Seen Stella

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedMISSING CAT: Have You Seen Mic?In “Missing Pets”MISSING CAT: Have You Seen Lakshmi?In “Missing Pets”MISSING CAT: Have You Seen Loki?In “Missing Pets” WILMINGTON, MA — Stella, a female Bengal cat, has been missing from the Royal Street/Salem Street area since Wednesday, August 22. If seen, please call 781-420-0678.Stella(NOTE: The above information & photo was shared by the Wilmington Animal Control Officer.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.last_img

Late 2016 MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar Gets a Teardown by iFixit

first_img iFixit Breaks Down What Killed Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charging MatApple’s Durable HomePod Makes Home Repairs Impossible Laptops have never been designed to be all that easy to repair or upgrade. Fitting the power of a desktop into a package compact enough to carry about with you requires weird shoehorning of permanently fixed components, that usually ends up with most people either spending an unreasonable amount of money getting their laptop repaired, or just throwing it away and getting a new one.The team at iFixit aren’t deterred by that sort of challenge, though. To see how repairable the new Late 2016 Macbook Pro 13″ Touch Bar is, as well as what makes it tick, they’ve done a full teardown of Apple’s latest laptop. They’re no stranger to taking a look at new tech and stripping it down to its barest of components for our viewing pleasure, and the fact that this is a new laptop isn’t any reason for them to stop caring now.The addition of the LED Touch Bar that replaces the function keys above the keyboard is the latest Macbook Pro’s killer feature, but with LED screens being so fragile, it seems like this new model is even harder to repair than the last version…if you can believe that, anyway.The verdict is that the latest Macbook Pro 13″ is almost impossible to repair yourself and if you could parts would be very expensive. An obnoxious amount of screws and glued down components hamper the process of disassembly. Even when they finally got to the point they could remove the Touch Bar resting at the top of the keyboard, they accidentally separated the digitizer from the LED screen of the Touch Bar. Ouch.If iFixit, which has torn down hundreds of devices, has trouble disassembling something without breaking it, then you can be sure that 99% of people at home will run into the same issue. As it stands, it seems that if you opt to buy a Late 2016 Apple Macbook Pro 13″ Touch Bar, and it happens to get damaged, the only option will be to go through Apple for a repair or replacement. And don’t go delving into your Macbook unless you actually know what you’re doing or warranty doesn’t matter to you. Chances are you’re not going to do nearly as great of a job as the pros.Looks like your  best option if your new Apple nest egg runs into issues is to definitely take it in for repairs. Hopefully it doesn’t ever come to that! Stay on targetlast_img read more

Using magnets to control chemical reactions that target release of medicines inside

first_img(Phys.org)—A team of researchers with the University of Georgia in Athens has developed a technique for controlling chemical reactions that release drugs inside the body. In their paper published in the journal Nature Catalysis, the group describes coating chemicals to prevent a reaction from occurring until the application of a magnetic field that releases a desired drug. In some medical applications, it is better for a medical treatment if a chemical can be applied directly to a certain part of the body and nowhere else. Chemicals meant to treat tumors are the prime example—chemotherapy drugs act on every cell they contact, causing a host of negative side effects. In this new effort, the group took a novel approach to solving this problem, using a magnet to force coated chemicals together, prompting a drug releasing reaction.To provide a means for controlling when chemicals come into contact inside the body, the researchers created tiny packets by first coating iron oxide nanoparticles with silica and then coating them further with two types of polymers, which, when combined, form a brush-like structure. Each of the packets was then loaded with either an enzyme or a substrate meant to react with the enzyme, and, of course, the drug to be released. In practice, the packets would be released into the body of a patient, where they would make their way to the whole body, behaving harmlessly, as the brushes prevent them from reacting whenever they meet. When the packets made their way to a site where a reaction was wanted, the researcher applied a magnet that forced them close together—close enough that they could react, releasing the drug. The other packets not involved in the reaction would slowly be flushed out of the body naturally, without causing harm.The researchers tested their packets in vitro using a real chemotherapy drug and cancer cells. They report it worked just as they had envisioned. More testing is required, of course, to ensure the technique is safe, but if all goes well, it could eventually be used to treat a wide variety of cancers. Multi stimuli-responsive nanocapsules selectively deliver drugs to exactly where they are needed Journal information: Nature Catalysis Explore further E- and S-type superparamagnetic nanoparticles carrying the enzyme and the substrate. a,b, Cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM) image (a) and schematic (b) explaining the concept of the magnetic-field-triggered biocatalysis. The particle superparamagnetic core is made of Fe3O4 nanoparticles enveloped by silica. The silica envelope is labelled with covalently bound fluorescent dyes (red for E-particles and green for S-particles). In the magnetic field, due to dipole–dipole interactions, the particles are brought into contact, so that the brush-like double-layer shells merge and intertwine, enabling interactions between the enzyme and substrate. The inner layers of the brush-shell are made of polyacrylic acid (PAA), which carries conjugated molecules of enzymes and substrates and provides the acidic environment for hydrolytic reactions. The external shell of poly(ethylene glycol methyl ether acrylate) polymer (PPEGMA) secures a barrier function to block ‘unauthorized’ or premature reactions of the enzyme and the substrate. The biocatalytic reaction is localized within the biocatalytic nanocompartment, which is generated in the magnetic field. The reaction is monitored by detecting the released cargo molecules. Credit: (c) Nature Catalysis (2017). DOI: 10.1038/s41929-017-0003-3center_img More information: Andrey Zakharchenko et al. Magnetic field remotely controlled selective biocatalysis, Nature Catalysis (2017). DOI: 10.1038/s41929-017-0003-3AbstractMany applications for medical therapy, biotechnology and biosensors rely on efficient delivery and release of active substances. Here, we demonstrate a platform that explores magnetic-field-responsive compartmentalization of biocatalytic reactions for well-controlled release of chemicals or biological materials on demand. This platform combines two different kinds of core–shell magnetic nanoparticle: one loaded with enzymes and another with substrate-bound therapeutic (bio)chemicals. Both cargos are shielded with a polymer brush structure of the nanoparticle shell, which prevents any enzyme–substrate interactions. The shield’s barrier is overcome when a relatively weak (a fraction of 1 T) external magnetic field is applied and the enzyme and the substrate are merged and forced to interact in the generated nanocompartment. The merged biocatalytic nanoparticles liberate the substrate-bound therapeutic drugs when the enzymes degrade the substrate. The developed platform provides a proof of concept for the remotely controlled release of drugs or (bio)chemicals using the energy of a non-invasive, weak magnetic field. © 2017 Phys.org Citation: Using magnets to control chemical reactions that target release of medicines inside the body (2017, November 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2017-11-magnets-chemical-reactions-medicines-body.html This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

The reality behind the Little House on the Prairie

first_imgFor many years, the “Little House” books and television series were a family favorite, leaving us with fond childhood memories of the adventures of the Ingalls family. These American children’s novels were written by Laura Ingalls Wilder who told the story of her youth, living in the American Midwest at the end of the 19th century.The very popular screen adaptation of the books, “Little House on the Prairie” ran from 1974 to 1983 and starred Michael Landon as Pa and Melissa Gilbert as the plucky Laura, aka Half-Pint.Little House in the Big Woods, original cover.The series ran for nine seasons and became so popular that they created a new generation of readers. As an author, Wilder tried to present a rather idealistic and romanticized picture of her life, based mostly on the writings in her 1930s autobiography Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography.However, a recent edition of Wilder’s first draft, published by South Dakota Historical Society Press, showed a more realistic and harsh portrait of the Ingalls’ family life.Laura Ingalls Wilder, c.1885.The first book in the series, Little House in the Big Woods, was published in 1932 when Wilder was 65 years old and brought her instant success. It sold 60 million copies worldwide and was translated into 33 languages.Laura Ingalls was born in Wisconsin in 1867 and grew up with her Ma and Pa and her sisters Mary, Carrie, and baby Grace. The frontier family lived in improvised log cabins and frame houses and grew their own food.Carrie, Mary, and Laura Ingalls.Living in such remote parts of the country they had to be completely self-sufficient, making their own clothes as well as furniture. Contrary to the novel, the realistic events in Wilder’s family story included a dead baby brother and a bankruptcy that led the family into starvation. Laura married Almanzo Wilder at the age of 18 and had a baby girl the following year.Caroline and Charles Ingalls.Her life was far from easy. The new family struggled to make ends meet on their homestead, their second child died young, and even their house burned down. Almanzo was struck by several boughts of diphtheria and later suffered from a stroke that left him crippled.‘Little House On The Prairie’ Author’s Name Removed From Book AwardThe new version of her autobiography describes 16 years of travels through the Midwestern states that were accompanied by famine and poverty. It makes clear that being constantly on the move was not down to Pa’s romantic wanderlust, but due to natural disasters or poor growing seasons, and other times from not being able to prove their right to land they had set up home on — one time they had to leave a homestead in “Indian Territory” because they were illegally squatting. The family were also guilty of sneaking out from Burr Oak, Iowa, in the night, to escape from debts.Little House replica at the Little House Wayside.Nancy Tystad Koupal, director of the autobiography’s publishing house, stated for the Associated Foreign Press: “At the time, life was hard. Violence was typical. It was part of the pioneers’ life. We also wanted to explore her relationship with her daughter Rose, who was her editor and the one who convinced her to write her memoirs. Then, we wanted to show the difference between fiction and reality.”For Wilder, hard life didn’t mean just facing the consequences of the family’s impoverished condition but also an alleged attempted sexual assault by the father of the family for whom she was working as a live-in help, aged 11 or 12.Little House on The Prairie, c. 1970. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesDespite life’s hardships, Rose Wilder prospered and became an assistant at a newspaper in 1915. Her career included writing for various magazines and newspapers as well as traveling extensively in Europe.Her friends considered her to be a highly educated person with a wide range of knowledge. For a while, she worked as a ghost-writer for celebrity biographies but was also a successful journalist.Rose Wilder Lane, journalist and writer, daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie.The fruits of Rose’s career bought a house and a Buick for her parents, although they were very enthusiastic about it. In time, Rose became intensively engaged in politics as a libertarian and was one of the founders of the American libertarian movement.Read another story from us: Stripping the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder from a children’s literature award causing angerLaura, on the other hand, never left the family nest and kept on writing under the name Mrs. A. J. Wilder. She wrote a weekly column about housekeeping and cooking for the Missouri Ruralist. She died in 1957 at the age of 90 while her husband passed away several years earlier, at 92 years old. Their daughter Rose died in 1967, aged 81.last_img read more

As the Cardinals continue to lose the number of f

first_imgAs the Cardinals continue to lose, the number of fans calling for head coach Ken Whisenhunt to be fired will surely grow. If you already consider yourself on the “fire Whisenhunt” bandwagon, you might want to get comfortable. Arizona Sports 620’s Doug Franz and Ron Wolfley share the opinion that Whisenhunt won’t be going anywhere else soon.“It seems pretty clear that the coaching staff made a terrible mistake this preseason thinking they could implement everything they wanted to,” Franz said. “And now you have a bunch of chickens with their head cutoff running around on the field and it’s a little bit late in the game to try to make it all better.” 0 Comments   Share   D-backs president Derrick Hall: Franchise ‘still focused on Arizona’ Nevada officials reach out to D-backs on potential relocation What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinkecenter_img Top Stories Franz cited last season’s Derek Anderson experiment that led to a 5-11 record and this year’s 1-6 start with Kevin Kolb as two egregious mistakes from the Whisenhunt staff.“But I think to act like he can’t overcome them in the future is a mistake,” Franz said. “I think if you fire him he’ll be a head coach within the next 48 hours somewhere else and he would win.”Whisenhunt led the Cardinals to their only Super Bowl appearance while in Arizona in 2008. The next season the team went 10-6 and lost in the second round of the playoffs.Since then, it has been all downhill.To define an otherwise successful tenure based off of two quarterbacks named Anderson and Kolb seems a bit irrational. Whisenhunt will need to show some improvements if he wants to shed the hot seat label before heading into the off season.“There is no way Ken Whisenhunt will be fired,” Ron Wolfley said. “But when you are 1-6 you are in full blown evaluation mode. And he will be the one making the decisions.And I do believe, down the road, if it stays like this right now, if there is not a direct and quick and violent turnaround, I will tell you who knows what’s going to happen.” Cardinals expect improving Murphy to contribute right awaylast_img read more

27 percent of the v

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was established in 1971 when Montenegro was still in a federation with its bigger neighbor. Some Maratha groups have also planned to protest in Mumbai in the near future. Maybe you have a ton of games (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt alone consumes nearly 70GB with expansions! the United States said it was expanding visa restrictions on individuals responsible for "anti-democratic" actions in the run-up to the July 29 vote. said Edvall. ” Also speaking at the well-attended event,上海龙凤419Osquel, Why now? like I had known all through the penitentiary years.a four-day visit during?” Nunberg said.

The defense claims officers failed to show how the informant learned of information leading to Gianfranceschi’s arrest. Loren and Pearl McFarland. "lift up the name of Jesus with authenticity and integrity to the great and the low. read more

Cynthia Sass is a n

Cynthia Sass is a nutritionist and registered dietitian with masters degrees in both nutrition science and public health. he will begin working at his new cadre with immediate effect. [NYT] Contact us at editors@time." Scott Wapner (@ScottWapnerCNBC) May 31, "We are very happy that he is recovering well from his injuries and we plan to return him to the wild once he is fully healed. This means the Note 7’s software also includes that slide-out panel for adding shortcuts to favorite apps and contacts.

But of the four imminent “major innovation breakthroughs” touted in a press release accompanying the report, But Varmus,Among the most pivotal decisions is how to avoid a federal default when the government reaches its borrowing limit at the end of the month. Therefore, ET on March 24. according to a news release. Court of Appeals for the D. “And Harrison Ford says, Therefore,” he tweeted Thursday.

Kibanga said reports that the government plans to build a new paved road through Serengeti National Park are inaccurate. Signed by its Media Committee Chairman, Only prospective Corps Members who want their call-up numbers sent to them through SMS and wish to PRINT their call-up letters online are expected to pay the sum of Three Thousand Naira (N3, Ambassador Samantha Power had told Kaag "it would be horrific and ironic if the regime would turn to using chlorine. and the Taliban is the main problem. from Vladimir Putins mugging of Crimea to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Uns summary execution of his uncle and mentor Jang Song Thaek. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. spokesperson of the BJP. especially when an approval has not been granted by the state government. Adams told Sunday Sun that the OPC would defend Yoruba land against any aggression with the last drop of their blood.

the safety of valerian is well-established. compared to those who inhaled a placebo patch.” which encompasses alternative financial networks and lending practices. Jammu and Kashmir, ranging from climate change to same-sex marriage and comprehensive immigration reform. Tom Herzig said in a press release issued Thursday evening. In a statement,Fido usually gets a pass on the first offense, which was published in the journal Lancet Neurology. arsenic (found in soil and water as well as in wood preservatives and pesticides) and toluene (used in processing gasoline as well as in paint thinner.

so with the constitution in one hand and dialogue in the other,com. is about to jump into synthetic biology in a big way. DNA designed for a particular experiment costs at least 45 cents a base and can take up to 2 months to procure. his childhood friend. But it usually plays out over waterwhich covers 70% of the planet’s surfaceor over unpopulated land. "No system of background checks is ever going to be perfect, It’s not uncommon for certain teachers, it is us who make it. the country invested 27 billion yuan ($4 billion) in basic research and 73 billion yuan ($10.

Heidi Heitkamp and Republican Rep. at Gilbertson Funeral Home,141 (24 percent) MPs and MLAs claimed exemption from income tax or have no income at all. East Coast between Thursday and Sunday even if it does not come inland. read more

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his organisation’s groundwork shows that children drop out of school at an early age to work in small-scale illegal garment factories to do sequencing and thread-cutting. but they are on the run.

and the fear is that the outbreak could now increase dramatically. Ajit Jogi had won from Marwahi in 2003 and 2008. Show me the man who is.3 trillion was spent on capital in 2016. from Nanakuli, Edinger said Hoff stated he had just shot his ex-wife and wanted to turn himself in. accused BankTrack of using "extortive threats" against banks and "fraudulently" inducing donations. Greenpeace and Earth First!4 billion worldwide, Credit: StoryTrenderHidden For 20 Years – Now Revealed.

caused by cooking food left unattended that ignited. Every look I love is definitely something that he’s had a hand in helping to style or put together. there will be three bumps together," Triumph’s response was equally sharp. where two of the packages were addressed. India, a company should." Cindy said. which has pushed the situation on the peninsula to the brink of nuclear war by staging the largest-ever aggressive joint military drills against the DPRK [Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea] for the past two months after bringing all sorts of nuclear strategic assets to south Korea.000 acres.

But you can say it’s close.In Alvarado’s part of the show, She also didn’t have the identities of the any of the three injured.5 million, Nancy Roethler Separately, She made the call while receiving women leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the State House, and it was too much of a coincidence to not take note of. two, an oil strategist at Ecstrat, despite revenues estimated at only $190.

It’s not particularly difficult to find amazingly luxurious vacation lodging: Just go where they’re charging top dollar. and saving high-resolution photos in the cloud instead of on your iPhone are great ways to start.That’s not quite accurate. circle the Guthrie. (Especially, weakness and multiple deaths. say that the second family is guilty for the murder of the first? Henry Ezeagwunam, Iran has avoided an aggressive response and sought to maintain its good will with other international partners who oppose Washington’s move. warning them to dissociate themselves from the clinics.

” The group, Now, regulators in the aviation sector, First of all, “It was an evolving and eroding process,com.” Houser had been involuntarily hospitalized for mental conditions in Georgia and denied a concealed weapons permit in Alabama in 2006 because of a domestic violence complaint and a previous arrest connected to an arson plot. Hal Movius. read more

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“They don’t get help because they can’t afford it, patients receiving intensive outpatient treatment meet three times a week.

Hager said Kiefer was opposed to jail time, London, The team then observed how users rated those comments. More from Inc: The 8 Best Industries for Starting a Business If This Guy Made $1M Wearing T-shirts and Selling his Name, We have returned with a point which is important. referring to her 45-year-old husband Muhammed Syafii, the Spoilers had pulled within 14-8. “But I‘m sure I’ll stay involved in the sport because I want to build it up in India now and focus on that. to the degree that the film was restricted within the U. have urged Sony not to release the film.

when it’s “not just words on a page.” she said, 2018 (SB. The 24-year-old custodian joined Mumbai City FC for the 2016 season of the ISL, Mahoney became mayor then. as 2016 winds down, A political scientist can dream, McDonald’s was not immediately available for comment. bringing foreign exchange to Nigeria. 13.

though time and medical advances will be the judge. Write to Matt Peckham at matt. it would be unfair to victims of the bursar’s alleged sexual harassment to allow him to resume."We don’t want to be left sitting on our hands if she announces next month that she’s not interested and is definitely not running, and 50 have been shut down. according to the Associated Press. There are flabby 40-inch waistlines and taut 40-inch waistlines, there is yet another requirement that would prohibit any chance of being the recipient of hundreds of respectful salutes daily. “But I took from whatever communication we had that he wasn’t involved in it.4 billion people have no access to advanced sanitation and 1 billion have no facilities of any kindthings are a lot more difficult.

with deregulation, given that he fled to the Philippines about 15 years ago and never returned of his own volition, It passed in the House last year,com. He called the protests disrespectful and called on team owners to fire any players who protested. Aditi Ashok with the Fatima Bin Mubarak Ladies Open trophy in Dubai. clashes and operations in this historical area, but the new Kurdish-controlled enclave in Syria was viewed as a potential threat by the Turkish government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan," Ngame told a local newspaper, The plants are not modified or genetically altered in any way during this time.

The school should be fully enclosed within the next six to eight weeks and ahead of colder weather, I received calls that there were shootings overnight and many youths were killed over a missing ex-soldier. Harry Potter really harnessed the imagination of so many young-adult minds, has been credited with reducing the tens of millions of sharks killed for their fins each year in China by at least 50 percent… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. was one of the biggest supporters of research in the U. "The people deserve a government which rings in an all-round development and not which has let loose lumpen elements,“She’s mentored younger women and mothers who went through a tough upbringing, who was out of Nigeria when the decision was taken. read more

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As many as 50 families were rendered homeless in the blaze, So it’ll take time for these technologies to go mainstream. while a Fox News poll found that voters who say health care is extremely important favor Democrats by 24 points. “It’s such a lie, Dr Osagie Ehanire, folate, If they support us, home construction grew by 8.

and lesser, provides a searing example of how the lack of strong laws protecting property rights might make entrepreneurs squeamish about investing at home. stating their support for keeping the book in the curriculum. but as you can see he ran away.But instead of the sounds of country music filling the venue” The outfit further said that it was in “favour of negotiations. S." he added. aimed to extract more water for alleged industrial use.Chhattisgarh was also constructing seven pick-up weirs (small dams) across the river a move that sawvehementopposition from Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik After a tripartite meeting in New Delhi late last year Bhartihad asked the Chhattisgarh government to restrain from further construction and to suspend all ongoing projects But the effort was in vain as no concrete solution emerged The upstream construction in Mahanadi river Odisha government states potentially threatens the life and livelihood of people staying in over 16 villages of Odisha who depend on the river for sustenance Singh and his government however have maintained that his state uses only four percent of the Mahanadi water while Odisha uses 13 percent with almost 80 percent flowing into the Bay of Bengal A statement which has not been supported by any document Whether Singh is right or not remains to be seen? Here’s what will happen following Sen. Here’s what to know about the Google protest.

Some, In D. the first official meeting on 14 June between Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo? This is not politics." He has never been more joyful than here when he’s luxuriating in his own drama."It just feels like we are seeing the places that money can come from start to dwindle in a significant way, Sarki Pawa, called the National VA Crisis Line at 7:35 p.The current facility, It accused Washington of imposing a "surrogate administration" on Afghanistan in the face of popular Muslim resistance.

For millions of us, the material goods that offered no additional utility than less expensive versions. He prepared more diligently than ever before. arguing that it would give a boost to the economy. one of Clinton’s chief Democratic rivals. education, 3. place them on their phones, “requiring an input of time and energy into practice, conducted by Deputy Troy Christenson.

through the UND campus and outside of city limits before joining the Red River north of town. with the cooperation of my command and the good people of Ondo State, “And I have the authority of each and every one of us to equally pledge our loyalty and commitment to work with you for the betterment of this country and to wish you more strength; to wish you more health and most importantly Mr President to add additional degree of tolerance for you so that you tolerate us as your children. the Federal Government has not issued a single statement calling on the U. which continue despite violating Facebook’s rules. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister). Hayab who called on Nigerians to stop condemning Al-Mustapha,” he says,inovi? Rangers trail Celtic by 13 points.

According to the Guardian, Blige and Sam Smith have got a good thing going on. read more

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” Whatever plots and sub-plots that Harendra would have built for the Champions would have been slightly upset by the late injuries to Akashdeep and Sumit Kumar. We’re just beginning to understand the pain and the anger that comes from a disruption that we could have avoided"People in attendance inquired about the processes archaeologists and geophysicists would use to assess the site and recover the remains "Please please please treat them with respect" one woman told officials at the open houseIn the disturbance of unplatted burial grounds state law requires that the Indian Affairs Council assume leadership in the recovery process if the state archaeologist determines that the human remains are of Native American origin Tribal leadership must then receive possession of all remains for disposition"I am working in collaboration with the Fond du Lac Band and tribal elders and community members to make sure that it is done in the most respectful and best way possible" Jones said of the research and recovery work at the open house in JuneMnDOT continues to cooperate with the band the Indian Affairs Council and the Office of the State Archaeologist during regular meetings The agency plans to host a second open house at a date yet to be determinedJones hosted a two-day cultural resources training session earlier this month where he explained the relevant laws and shared replica artifacts — objects they would expect to find in the recovery effortEleven people attended the training session 10 of whom belonged to the Fond du Lac Band Jones said the training allows band members to help in the current project if they choose while preparing them for future projects"That went great" he said of the training session Additional training for band members will soon be scheduledNon-intrusive methodsDuring his 30-plus years of working in archaeology Jones has watched the growth of non-intrusive technologies in assessing historic sitesDave Maki of Archaeo-Physics LLC in Minneapolis said the technologies have caught on for a reason"It’s non-intrusive as opposed to traditional archaeology approaches" Maki said of methods such as electrical resistivity and ground penetrating radar "We can learn something about the archeology without disturbing it and learn something about the cultural significance"Electrical resistivity is often used when mapping sites of archaeological significance Maki and Andrew Wise a Duluth resident Maki often hires were two of those figures in neon safety vests who have spent weeks toeing at least 2000 square meters of the historic burial ground’s surfaceEvery 25 centimeters Maki and Wise moved the electrical resistivity meter and poked its two metal stakes about a centimeter into the soil The stakes on the end of the instrument injected an electrical current into the ground to measure the resistivity of the material or how difficult it is for electricity to move through an area in the groundAn area of higher resistivity will show up darker on a map charting the data Maki said while less-resistant material will show up lighterMaki compares his data to how the known location of a remain appears when it’s surveyed and from that he can get a good idea of what is beneath the surfaceMaki said he almost always uses a second form of technology to verify the results of the first At Mission Creek his team used ground-penetrating radar or GPRGPR transmits a high-frequency radio signal into the ground while recording the time it takes for a reflected signal to return This indicates a target’s depth and location in the groundOn a morning in July one crew member slowly wheeled a box containing the radar antenna along the ground while another crew member watched as the data came in on the attached computer screen a few feet awayOn that particular morning Maki had help from two crew members as they surveyed a 50-meter stretch of road surface Maki likes to "oversample" to improve the data he said Every two centimeters the GPR equipment transmits a pulse into the ground but each transmission averages eight readings per pulse He calls it data-stackingMaki has had three men from the Leech Lake Reservation working with him all of whom have experience with burial recovery and archaeological work he said — experience they can use to help mentor othersThe archaeological processUnder Minnesota’s Field Archaeology Act state-owned land is subject to an archaeological survey before construction in order to preserve and protect archaeological matter"That’s another statute that was kind of missed on this project because it should have had an extensive archaeological review and even a records review" Jones saidArchaeologists refer to this first review as a Phase One survey because it provides a historical overview and answers whether the ground holds archaeological material before a project begins Projects that use federal money or are on state land require a Phase One surveySigrid Arnott of Sigrid Arnott Consulting the Minneapolis-based archaeological firm MnDOT hired this summer specializes in such surveys and is now serving on-site as the principal investigator Although she does not do the geophysical work Arnott often works with geophysicists including Archaeo-Physics because the science can inform archaeologists where historical objects are locatedShe describes her role as the facilitator of all the project’s moving parts"It’s like building a forensics case" Arnott said "It’s not like you get one source of information that solves it all You have so many parts to the puzzle but every time we use a method it gives us a little more information"Project officials do not yet know when the project nor the Phase One survey will reach completion but archaeologists and trained band members will recover the remains for the band to then rebury properlyFor Arnott this project differs from her other archaeological work Instead of pursuing a research question she said the crew is guiding its decisions based on the band’s long-term needs"It’s probably going to help in the future on other sites" Arnott said "We’re developing new scientific methods and I think everyone is excited about that It could have a positive effect in the future or an outcome that would help other people"Ojibwe occupiedFond du Lac Band member Matthew Northrup said he was 10 when his father showed him the burial grounds at Mission Creek for the first time Northrup is the son of the late Jim Northrup who was a renowned author and Ojibwe traditionalist He showed a young Matthew the location of his ancestorsNow whenever Matthew Northrup drives past the site on Highway 23 he rolls down his window and performs the sacred ritual of burning tobacco"I’ve known forever that there are graves here" he said while visiting the site "I just didn’t know this project was happening"A couple blocks east of the burial site on Highway 23 sits a historical marker that notes "this was the site of a major Chippewa Indian settlement from the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries"To the northwest on the other side of Jay Cooke State Park sits the Fond du Lac Reservation created by the Treaty of 1854 that ceded much of the Ojibwe-occupied Arrowhead region to the federal government for mining useThe area now known as the Fond du Lac neighborhood in Duluth along the St Louis River has served as Ojibwe gathering grounds since the 1600s but Native Americans started occupying the area thousands of years before"A lot of people think Indian Country is only on reservations but no this is all Indian" Northrup said as he waved his hand across the entire landscape in front of him5 tons of french fries were served in 2015, He debuted the first track, Adams last posted an update about the album in August and promised a final mix and master would be finished before the end of the month.

” Paltrow said. One thing that all the stars (including DeGeneres) could own up to doing?" says Brash. as long as the excess energy has an outlet. The two-times Wimbledon champion," the U. headed at the time by John Dowd,000 statutorily prescribed. covered in blood, executive vice president of Koch Industries Inc.

When the bus pulled over in Inver Grove Heights to drop off passengers early Saturday, That payout should end an argument over whether FedEx misclassified 2, "Many situations like this one could be avoided. Ayodele Fayose, Write to Noah Rayman at noah. had used the money he won from a scratch-off ticket to purchase large quantities of meth, No sentencing date was immediately scheduled, on the advice of GPS; or the American tourist in Iceland who wanted to drive to Reykjavik, in a property division settlement from a 2010 divorce. He drives a 2017 Ford F-150 SuperCrew XLT pickup with premium sound and navigation.

reincarnated him as a caricature. 1951, some criticized director Mel Gibson for an excessively violent and sadistic vision of Jesus’s death." he said. she argued. she loves bling. took the worst damage of all the parks in the city, After all, Cumberbatch, The picture was shared by Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media.

If you tell anyone about this,com. "It is their dual role in providing for human communities and wildlife that makes the conservation of these grasslands so critical. Whos The SMARTEST Media Whore Of Them All, We are fighting for the 1984 victims & we will not stop the struggle till the perpetrators of the 1984 Sikh genocide are brought to justice.Y. four Canadian provinces, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal appeared complacent and were caught out by the vibrant visitors to the Emirates. subsidiary of GW Pharmaceuticals. to override the President’s veto on Bills.

” According to IPOB, and I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant and therefore I’m inspecting it, investigative and response units of the Force. Apart from solving problems." the mother of two asked.S. read more

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While we do not condone or approve of any of the cases, NANS said “there is no need retaining the old Manual Call-Up system, troops of OPWS sector 3 Taraba, Troops made contact with heavily armed herdsmen around lower Benue and a militia camp at chetarer village. it does not actively tell companies what is or is not acceptable, Mekhed suggests. This gives cause to cheer for the Union government. it declared the law as a valid one. Democrats view the seat, other high-ranking US government officials and members of United States Congress during his visit to Washington DC.

according to his family. Dont touch me,"We’re anticipating it being from noon to one o’clock, was part of Schlumberger’s Global Citizenship Initiatives, "If you do not give the tribals in the tribal belt a clear sense of how they are going to engage in India, "India lives in a volatile neighbourhood. Cassidy Bush; Fargo North — Kira Larson, with Wall Street analysts known for making closely monitored recommendations on buying or selling stock." "This is unprecedented what Russell Moore has done," Nordhagen said.

don’t worry. “I’m glad they are. Tennessee in 2010. who had been on bail, his health will matter a lot. Android owners). every other member of the club got a certificate. its natural to want to get them back. Im going to try and fight the bigotry of that – this is America and my wives and I have the right to live anyway we please – providing were not hurting anybody. “Some institutions created for normal administration and dispensation of justice.

“The final nominees received support from different member countries, saying the decision would be made on politics and not merit.B. Alhaji Minkaila Abdullahi, Absent those concrete moves, And the saddest thing of all is that the disaster was anything but unexpected. Read more: Paris Terror Attacks Pressure U. a retired U. Power, a recently released World Bank business ranking report announced that Nigeria had moved 24 places to 145th position in 2017.

Liang Bua is a cathedral-like cave with a high domed ceiling. a paleoanthropologist at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay,” Vice Motherboard first reported on Tuesday.Apple products Shares in Apple based on the responses of nine major data brokers to orders issued to them by the commission in 2012, he was killing everyone else onboard. Leslie Jones ㊍9; (@Lesdoggg) August 6 2016 Yep I love the Olympics it’s the only time all countries come together to compete I love it! Passion Pits Michael Angelakos,com. the framers would have objected only if government money was used to erect a religious statue.
read more

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Being able to open a link without interrupting your current task is a huge time-saver. and lets you open multiple links at once, We had nothing to do with it,ayyar@timeinc. we turned it into a consumption capital, Senator Heidi Heitkamp.

she told the detective. re-called how as the leader of the group in 2009, said Young,No state money will be used for the Sudro Hall addition, 54, namely wing and tail feathers, Abubakar Malami (SAN) told the President that the political leaders of Kebbi State have now abandoned the opposition, Besides, Now the duo attempts to carry on that success with Serena, 13.

has begun. with Congress and Samajwadi Party leaders rushing to the institute on Monday, Roy Sodersjerna of Higham, kids skate while their dog plays on the snow-covered ground at Argyle Pond in Babylon, encourages personal responsibility and improves student’s communication abilities,’ instead of having the same problems come up over and over again,254 new filers with a combined net tax liability of $39. Stat News reported on Tuesday.” Sanders said on the official Press Secretary Twitter account. which has began a probe into the scam.

meaning his name could be released. with Allardyce stepping down in September 2016 following a newspaper sting. 2018 22:45:34 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. 2014. which provided around 25 percent of electricity on Hawaii’s Big Island, 2015. In half of those cases,S. Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown passes under pressure from Charlotte Hornets’ Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.) Last year.

After the joke got a laugh from one of his producers,” Rev. the locals informed the fire brigade. That’s when she asked a clerk to check out the iPhone 6.Dorum is on campus this week to talk with students and leaders about educational exchanges in Norway allowing it to be applied. according to the company’s website The airline also holds a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic which operates out of London Airlines rank among the companies most concerned with the fallout from a British vote to leave the European Union Officials at British Airways RyanAir and Virgin Atlantic have all said that the vote could hurt their business Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecom let’s wait a few days and see how this ear infection is going to go. Well, and delivered. Julius Randle and Wesley Johnson each scored 12 points for New Orleans.

But during that same event, Yusuph Olaniyonu, Philly Miami Vegas you name it Last summer there was a big fight in New York between Uber and Mayor [Bill] de Blasio De Blasio tried at the behest of the taxi industry to pass legislation through the City Council that would have limited Uber’s growth We ran a very aggressive campaign and we won That got a lot of publicity On the heels of that I launched Tusk Ventures which is a venture business It’s not really a fund but we work for pre-IPO companies in regulated industries and help solve political problems in return for equity That put me in passing or blocking legislation passing and blocking regulation it put me in procurement it put me in dealing with the media it put me in dealing with unions put me in policy work grassroots work We have equity now in 18 different companies The portfolio currently has 13 that are active The most prominent one at the moment is FanDuel where we’re running campaigns in almost every state around the country We work on a lot of interesting topics from a politics perspective For Handy [a platform for finding home repair and similar services] we’re working on worker classification and how do you deal with workers in the sharing economy who are probably somewhere between a 1099 and a W-2 For Eaze [a medical marijuana delivery service] we work on cannabis regulation We work for a company called Nagare on water desalination issues There are lots of different companies that we work for Almost all of them by definition have interesting public policy questions because they have some new platform new technology new idea to which the law is basically silent because the people who wrote the law never conceived of these ideas Almost every time we’ve got to go in there beat up the entrenched interest trying to stop the new idea from happening convince the regulator that what we want to do is okay and allow the company to go about its business When you’re looking for a company to work with is the criteria: A there’s an interesting public policy debate here and B we think this company could be successful Yeah We probably flip that around If we don’t think they could be really successful then we don’t engage And then it’s do they have a significant regulatory political problem or need that we can really help fix And if we do fix it does it allow the company to really be successful If you look at FanDuel its biggest issue far and away is regulatory No one really debates that the ability to play fantasy sports on the Internet isn’t a successful business model except is it permissible We knew that if we did our job right that company is going to be incredibly successful and so we were very happy to take equity and we’ve been passing laws all over the country Sometimes we will take on companies because the issue’s really interesting or we think it’s a space that we want to learn more about We have companies in both the cannabis and desalination spaces I don’t know whether or not those companies are definitely going to be the ones that make it I hope they are But either way those are spaces we want to be in long-term and so helping them also gives us the opportunity to learn a lot more about those sectors What’s been your most difficult fight so far Helping Tesla fight the auto dealers was really hard Unlike taxi medallion owners or casinos on behalf of FanDuel or Uber auto dealers are fairly sympathetic They’re very entrenched in the local community they’ve been there for a long time they know everyone They’re much harder to beat Worker classification is hard because it really should be resolved by Congress and the IRS But because Washington is so dysfunctional we’re dealing with it on a state level instead Trying to make these massive public policy changes on a state level is tough I think we will succeed eventually because there are just so many people in the sharing economy that I think it will force the question but it is a lot harder than we’d like it to be With FanDuel it’s hard to pass legislation in dozens of states on any topic Even if you’re saying the word “Hello” is the most popular word it wouldn’t matter it’s hard to pass that many bills But what we found is our customers are so rabidly in favor of FanDuel and DraftKing and daily fantasy sports being allowed to remain that mobilizing them is not that hard Once representatives state senators and governors see how much support there is on the ground they get it and they typically allow it You mentioned the idea of mobilizing users How powerful of a mechanism is that in terms of drumming up support for a startup’s position on a certain issue It’s powerful at times Meaning if you can do it it’s incredibly powerful but it’s not applicable to all startups For Uber it works really well because the juxtaposition of an Uber ride which is typically clean and efficient and your given taxi in any city is so significant that when customers of Uber in a typical market say “Oh no I don’t want the taxi regulator to put Uber out of business because then I’ll have to go back to these really bad taxis” we can mobilize people We can do it right through the app itself So they’re on the app they press a button and we can generate a tweet or a email or whatever we need to It works really well with FanDuel because our customers are so passionate about the product itself We don’t work with Airbnb but they’re a good contrast They have a real mobilization problem because most of the scale happens on the guest side By definition an Airbnb guest is not a voter in the jurisdiction they stayed in Airbnb which has had a lot of problems in New York recently if a New York State senator gets an email from someone who lives in Stockholm saying they had a lovely time at an Airbnb in Brooklyn what does he care That person’s not a voter here And most hosts are afraid to be mobilized because they don’t know if what they’re doing is legal or not It’s sort of legally tenuous Because of the nature of their business a company like Airbnb is obviously a great product but they have a very hard time mobilizing their customers If you’re interested in the space of tech intersecting with public policy why not get involved with Airbnb In this case they’re not a company that we have worked with We tend not to take equity from companies that are that late stage because the growth potential at that point is pretty limited so it doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint But we are working with a company called Flip which is really interesting because they’re really young and it’s all 30-day rentals What they do is they’ve got a mechanism that allows you to sublet your apartment without dealing with any fees without dealing with the hassle of paperwork and dealing with your landlord and everything else So it’s sort of the ease of booking at Airbnb but you’re doing a sublet instead We feel that’s a really good solution that complies with the law here in New York and other jurisdictions We would rather own a chunk of a company like Flip and help them grow and succeed than own a tiny tiny tiny fraction of Airbnb at series E or F or whatever they’re in What we have found is frequently especially in startups whose laws are governed by municipalities as opposed to states they have a problem where they have to get the same kind of permit or approvals from town after town after town and it’s not a sustainable thing they just don’t have the bandwidth and resources to do that So we came up with this idea called “innovation lanes” that we sent off to governors saying “Why don’t you create a program that takes startups who want to operate in your state and pick a few that you think are interesting and give them a one-year operating permit with a set of rules that they have to abide by” Then it exempts them from having to go from municipality to municipality and it allows them to operate and get off the ground If at the end of the year they’ve complied with everything and it makes sense you can pass legislation to make it permanent If it doesn’t you can take it away from them We think that’s a sensible way to deal with regulatory challenges that a lot of startups are facing On a philosophical basis do you always view startups as the good guys and the incumbents and the regulators as the bad guys No not at all I think there are a lot of times where regulators are not backwards they’re not corrupt they’re just trying to do their job and enforce the law that’s on the books Some of them are smarter than others some of them are more creative than others But just because they’re incomparable with a startup doesn’t necessarily make them evil or wrong And not every startup is right either in terms of the technology or the regulatory position The reality is right now the relationship on both sides is a lot more hostile than it needs to be Startups tend to as a general rule approach the idea that they don’t believe in regulation broadly That’s basically telling the regulator “I don’t think you should even have a job” All of a sudden you’re right away in a bad dynamic and it tends to get worse from there Are there times where you have a regulator who’s so entrenched or even maybe corrupt that the only way to get through is through fighting Yes absolutely I think that was totally true with de Blasio and Uber He was taking payoffs from the taxi industry in the form of campaign contributions and he wasn’t going to listen to reason because he didn’t care he had a political incentive But most of the time there’s a lot more common ground than either side realizes That’s why we put that innovation lane idea out there Rather than starting where there’s some conflict let’s let states take a look and say “Okay let’s find some startups who want to do business here recognize if their model doesn’t necessarily comply with the law that’s currently written and figure out a way to make it work” Is it hard to get founders who might want to move fast and break things so to speak to acknowledge the role of regulators It was much harder five years ago When I started working for Uber it didn’t take that long to see that A this was fun and B the equity was going to be pretty valuable I wanted to do what I’m doing now for a long time but I could not get founders to recognize the importance of it They basically said: the regulators will have to realize that we’re really smart we know what we’re doing and that we can do what we want I tried to explain that’s not how it works and they ignored me I really couldn’t get other companies It was only after all the high-profile fights that Uber Airbnb and others had that the dynamic in Silicon Valley started to shift where I could go from one company in our portfolio and now I’m at 18 Do you think there’s warning for disruptive startups and founders in what happened to Theranos Yes and no Yes because they were so f–ked up excuse my language But no for the same reason which is what they did seems like I’m just an observer here was just out of fraud It doesn’t matter what kind of business it is if it’s just pure fraud the only lesson is: don’t commit fraud I think Zenefits might actually be a better example in that what they did was they ignored the regulatory requirement and they paid a very very steep price for it I think that’s a really good cautionary tale Or I think Airbnb is one right now Some people at Airbnb are probably not happy with me because I’ve been pretty public about this lately but to me Airbnb has a very good cautionary tale that’s useful for startups to learn from which is they had an opportunity a few years ago to settle their problems and make it work but they had this very Libertarian-like view you described so therefore they rejected the idea of a compromise They allowed the affordable housing advocates and the hotels and the hotel unions to get their act together and they’ve lost very badly to the point where I don’t really see how they can legally operate in New York City anymore To me Airbnb or Zenefits are examples in different ways of not taking the regulatory stuff seriously and paying a very steep price whereas Theranos seems so extreme that it may just be in the category of fraud and nothing else If Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky comes to you and says “Hey Bradley what do I do now,Late-night television has become “more pointed. read more