Web site of the week: http://osha.eu.int./eu-us/

first_imgWeb site of the week: http://osha.eu.int./eu-us/On 22 Aug 2000 in Personnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. Keeping abreast of health and safety issues is a vital part of an HR manager’s job and if you want to ensure your knowledge levels are always topped up, this EU-US joint venture should be your next bookmark. Set up by the European Agency for Safety at Work and the US Department of Labour’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), it provides a huge information resource on all aspects of health and safety – locally and globally. The home page gives the impression of a US site but all EU nations are covered and each nation is assessed by clicking the relevant country on the right hand side. The UK Focal Point covers everything from “good practice” to research, statistics and legislation. There are generally subsections in each of these categories, complete with a set of links to sites where you can gain more specific information. There’s also news and articles and the site acts as an excellent information exchange.last_img read more

West Bromwich Building Society

first_img Previous Article Next Article Shortlisted team for Award for HR strategy: Personnel Today Awards 2000 Sponsor profileRebus HR Services, part of the Rebus Group, has developed a range of services that respond to the changing demands being placed on businesses in respect of human resource, payroll and pension management.It provides ongoing support, consultancy and training to about 500 clients, which include more than 50 of The Times Top 100. Rebus is a market leader in providing outsourced payroll services – both bureau and fully managed – specialising in large organisations with complex payroll requirements. It offers a flexible service tailored to the exact business needs of the client.With employment legislation becoming more complex, the need for expert advice and guidance is also increasingly important. Rebus Personnel Services offers a service for some or all of the core areas of the HR function. It provides a flexible service at a strategic policy, operational management or purely administration level. The 150-year-old West Bromwich Building Society recovered well after the recession of the early 1990s – but was faced with having to rethink its personnel policy after experiencing enormous growth towards the end of the decade.The building society’s pre-tax profits rose by 19 per cent to £15.6bn in the year to March 2000, with assets up 16 per cent to £2.8bn.But with 700 employees, Paul Turner, general manager of the company’s people development division, saw there was a need for a radical personnel programme to keep pace with the company’s growth and technological development.Turner recognised that developing the skills of the workforce in line with West Bromwich’s corporate business plan would allow the company to maintain its position as one of the top 10 building societies in the UK.Under his leadership the people development division set about developing a targeted plan to bring the company’s HR philosophy in line with chief executive Andrew Messenger’s corporate plan and vision.The aim was to achieve a uniting HR policy which began at board level and flowed seamlessly down through departments to individuals. Turner’s team looked at what skills individual staff had that contributed to the company’s success, identified personnel issues and began moving towards establishing a competency framework in the company. This allowed them to draw up sets of objectives at every level – for divisions, teams and individual members of staff.Turner’s department monitored trends within the company in areas including staff turnover, ethnic origin, absenteeism, employees’ qualification studies and training and evaluated programmes such as Investors in People.By benchmarking against the rest of industry, his team set targets for each of those areas and decided upon a number of major initiatives, including a new staff survey, a new health care package and the restructuring of the people development division to deal with internal changes in the company.These included appointing a new IT trainer and a new recruitment and diversity officer. The team used employee focus groups to gain feedback about the impact of the change programme and find new policy ideas.And a new targeted selection process was developed in the company to improve staff retention and customer service. This allowed for better staff development, allowing people to progress within the company according to their individual skills. Employees were given an incentive to stay within the company by providing them with career objectives within the West Bromwich.The result was an HR policy featuring an innovative mix of ethics and business targets, which are aimed to maximise the potential within the building societyWhile retaining and training staff is still high on its agenda, encouraging them to fulfil their role in an organisation that values its community awareness is equally important.Turner has not just set out to create a workforce of highly-trained staff – he has attempted to create a set of employees who act as ambassadors for their company. Company fact fileTeam People Development Division, West Bromwich Building SocietyTeam leader Paul TurnerNumber in HR team 18Number of employees responsible for 680Main achievements Integration of a people development strategy derived from the corporate plan. Ideas raised by the board were integrated into the operations of divisions, teams and individuals in the company Priorities for next 12 months Continuation of people development programme to ensure staff are properly cared for and commitment to a recruitment policy based on individual skills West Bromwich Building SocietyOn 26 Sep 2000 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Comments are closed. last_img read more

Business counts cost of top-level turnover trend

first_imgHigh turnover of chief executives is becoming a burden to business, claims areport by HR consultancy iSolon. The report, called Turnover @ the Top, claims that the average tenure of aCEO is 48 months, and is on the decline. The average cost of replacing a chiefexec is £500,000. Dr Rafael Gomez of the London School of Economics, who was involved incompiling the report, believes the trend is particularly evident in companiesthat finance their activities via capital markets. “Institutional shareholders are rapidly pushing for management changewhen performance falters. But Gomez also believes that a lack of attachment and loyalty among seniormanagement is also leading to a continual search for increased challenge andreward. Beverly Mann, managing director of iSolon, warned, “Companies seem notto realise how much CEO changes cost them. Instead of changing CEOs, companiesshould support them by bringing in experts with skills that supplement theCEO’s and the company’s needs.” Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Business counts cost of top-level turnover trendOn 4 Sep 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

E-learning is not only a measure for saving money

first_img Comments are closed. E-learning is not only a measure for saving moneyOn 23 Apr 2002 in Personnel Today E-learning should be introduced to provide the most effective way ofdelivering staff development rather than as a way of cutting costs, accordingto the CIPD. Martyn Solman, learning, training and development adviser at the CIPD, tolddelegates at the HRD conference last week that e-learning will only besuccessful if it is introduced to address individual business needs rather thanto save money. “The trap of e-learning is that it is seen as a way of saving money,but it is not about that, it is about change management,” he said. Solman also stressed that managers must support e-learning initiatives andbe convinced of their worth if they are to add value. “It is important to get line managers on board, as they are the onescontrolling staff development. If they do not see e-learning as important, itwill be marginalised. What makes e-learning training important is having theorganisation’s support which gives employees time and space to grow,” headded. www.cipd.co.uk Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

in brief

first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Related posts:No related photos. This week’s news in briefStress awareness A major awareness campaign, which aims to prevent work-related stress, hasbeen launched by the Health and Safety Executive. The campaign will includemedia advertising, supporting material, leaflets, an action line andguide-lines on how to prevent work-related stress.  www.hse.gov.ukLack of CSR policy Too few of Britain’s best retailers are forming clear policies on corporatesocial responsibility (CSR), a survey of the top 60 stores claims. The researchfinds only one in four of the top chains have well-defined policies whichrecognise and meet the responsibilities of the communities they operatein.   www.corporatereaction.co.ukCup fever costs World Cup sick days cost the UK economy £391m, a study into absenteeismduring the tournament finds. Barclaycard’s Premier-ship website 4thegame.comsurveyed 4,000 fans, revealing 39 per cent admitted taking at least one day offto follow their team.  www.4thegame.comNHS childcare cash The Government is to spend an extra £6m on its NHS childcare strategy in aneffort to recruit and retain hospital staff. On top of the £70m already announcedfor on-site nurseries, the new cash for this current year will allow staff tobook places in after-school clubs, holiday play schemes and withchildminders.  www.doh.gov.ukTackling racism The Association of Colleges claims further education is the only part of theeducation sector ready to tackle “institutionalised racism”. A newreport, Further Education Colleges Leading the Way on Racial Equality, launchedby the Commission for Black Staff in Further Education, claims work is alreadybeing done in FE colleges to end institutionalised racism.  www.aoc.co.ukChanges to benefits A third of employers have either recently made changes to their staffbenefits and allowances packages or plan to do so in the next two years,according to research by IRS Employment Review. The survey of nearly 100 HRmanagers also reveals that despite the growing emphasis on work-life balance,only 13 per cent of respondents report their staff receive childcaresupport.  www.irsemploymentreview.comStrike averted An improved pay offer has averted strikes at the National Galleries ofScotland. Members of the Public and Commercial Services Union planned tostrike, but this has been suspended following negotiations.  www.pcs.org.uk in briefOn 9 Jul 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

How to grow new-style leaders

first_img Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Article Ann Edwards, practice manager at Executive Training SHL, looks for mentoringand coaching schemes suitable for high performers in today’s internationalmarketplaceThe recent CEML report (July, Training Magazine) should act as a soberingwake-up call for UK organisations. Already struggling in the aftermath ofrecent economic and terrorist events, the report warns organisations’ troublesare far from over if they fail to address the soft skills deficit at seniormanagement level currently damaging UK companies. Organisations now have to re-evaluate the importance placed on effectiveleadership and management in good times and in bad. Slowly, a shift is takingplace. As a result, the much admired pioneers and hard-nosed tycoons of the 90sare stepping aside for a new breed of leaders – charismatic visionaries at thehelm of organisations, concentrating on values, ethics and communication. In response, forward-thinking companies are refocusing their executiveeducation strategies and increasing their development budgets to includecoaching and mentoring. These are aimed at developing ‘home-grown’ talent andretaining potential leaders in a time when CEOs are in post for an average ofjust 18 months. Short-term views As the baby boomers reach retirement age, the challenge facing organisationstoday is identifying potential leaders from a decreasing talent pool. They mustthen foster them in keeping with future corporate goals and culture whilenurturing and developing the new balance of soft and hard skills needed,including the way leaders relate to people, enthusiasm, thinking style andmotivation. Traditionally, organisations have adopted a short-term, ‘agenda-setting’approach to the recruitment of leaders. This is epitomised by the tendency toparachute in a replacement from outside an organisation when recruiting seniorpeople. However, the replacement is typically just that – someone withidentical values and leadership techniques, rather than a successor best suitedto the future goals and values of the organisation. This is the quick fix, theexpensive option. Why? Because the person best suited to the job is oftenalready there. You just haven’t identified them yet. Transformational training Developing the new generation of leaders begins very simply. You mustunderstand what your organisation needs, define what leadership means there andestablish what leadership skills and attributes are needed to drive theorganisation forward. This is the first step and will help you refine who yournext leader will be. Today’s leaders still need to be traditional agenda setters, but they mustalso be transformational leaders – managers who lead by example, who recognisetheir core personality strengths and soft skills and are trained to use them intheir managerial capacity. By aligning soft skills and behaviours withorganisational goals in this way tomorrow’s inspirational, dynamic leaders areborn. With this in mind, the next step is identifying the existing talent pool. This can be done most effectively through a comprehensive talent andmanagement development review using questionnaire-based methodologies andleading-edge psychometrics and psychological assessment. This process will help establish ‘best fits’ for roles and provide theplatform for change. Individuals must then carry the process forward by usingin-house coaching and mentoring programmes. Support is then essential to ensure the success of the chosen leader. The roleof coach and mentor is vital at this point. Usually someone external, theseprofessionals provide essential, independent assistance and coach the change inbehaviour required. In addition, a commitment to continue taking snapshots of the individual’sprogress is then needed. Traditionally, management development has beenregarded as a one-off event. However, today’s coaching and mentoring programmesshould be viewed as ongoing processes. Leaders, with the support oforganisations, need to continually ask: Where am I now? Has where I need to bechanged? If so, what do I need to do? The sad fact is that today’s talented managers are tomorrow’sunder-performing managers, unless they adapt to ever-changing demands and adoptnew leadership approaches. However, the good news is that a morecost-effective, homogeneous workforce is waiting just round the corner. Just follow the leader. How to grow new-style leadersOn 1 Sep 2002 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

New product update

first_imgNew product updateOn 3 Jun 2003 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Peoplesoft is claiming to be the first enterprise system vendor to supportApple’s web browser called Safari. Users of Peoplesoft applications that run inthe Apple Macintosh OS X environment will be able to benefit from fasterbrowsing and features such as Snapback navigation, which enables users to stepback through a transaction with a single click, as opposed to several. There isalso a tabbed browsing feature, which will enable users to access multiplePeoplesoft pages in a single window.  www.peoplesoft.comSelect HR insight, a new Microsoft SQL-based HR solution, is to launch atthis year’s HR Software Show in London Olympia on 25-26 June by SelectSoftware. It includes self-service HR and information-sharing facilities andalso incorporates the productivity tool Proactive HR. This allows firms tobuild their business processes into the software and generate workflow actions.It is also releasing HR portal and employee/manager self-service softwareSelect Clear Vision. Both products meet current data protection obligations.  www.selecthr.co.ukSkillcypher claims to streamline the work of HR and recruitmentprofessionals by automatically extracting useful information from CVs (such asa person’s skills, experience and contact details), and then placing it into adatabase. Manufacturer Probit-e calls it a ‘parsing’ software package, and whenreading CVs it can break down the details that a candidate has included into anusable information set.  www.probit-e.com Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Four in focus

first_img360-degree feedback services and softwareIt’s a great idea in theory, but the 360-degree feedback system obliges HRto undertake a lot of chasing to get responses back from managers and staff.Web or intranet-based solutions, however, can not only make the process simplerby using features such as automated prompts that chase for responses, but canalso add value by tailoring systems to core competency models. We look at fourproviders below. AI appraisal (Applied Information) Version 5.0 of Applied Information’s software combines 360-feedback, skillsassessment, appraisal and personal development plan functions. Developed inassociation with Clive Fletcher, professor of occupational psychology atGoldsmith’s College, University of London, it now runs over the companyintranet. The service is hosted on the client site by Applied Information, butcan be branded with customer logos. Users include: Ladbrokes, Home Office, Prison Service, Rexam www.applied-Information.co.ukDigital Opinion The service can be web or paper-based with the former running as anASP-based system. Digital Opinion can help with questionnaire and report designand will integrate the system so that it is compatible with a client’s existingbrowsers and internet protocols. Personal and group reports can be generatedwithin hours of the survey cut-off time. Users include: Dixons, Debenhams www.digitalopinion.co.uk2020 Insight Gold (Shine) Users can either buy the software on CD-Rom to run themselves, or use Shineas a bureau service. The latter method means clients can run the feedbackprogramme on the web, an intranet or across e-mail with the web option provingmost popular at the moment. For this, users access a separate Shine websitewhich means no information needs to be loaded onto their own servers ormachines. Users include: Bupa, Camelot, JD Wetherspoon, Tussauds Group www.shine-360-degree-feedback.co.ukTeam Focus There are currently two online (intranet and web) options available: awholly managed solution where Team Focus will do everything from sending outthee-mails to generating the reports at the end of the process, or there is aClient Utility version, which you can run on your organisation’s intranet.Systems can be customised to take competency frameworks into account, or thereis a range of off-the-shelf models. Users include: Denplan, BP Energy www.teamfocus.co.uk Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Four in focusOn 3 Jun 2003 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Informed in Five: “The Trophy Life “

first_img Comments are closed. The Trophy Life(profile of construction/property tycoon Donald Trump) by DanielRoth, Fortune (Europe Edition) 19 April 2004. ThemesDonald Trump has a surprisingly hands-on approach to peoplemanagement. He phones employees to ask how business is at his manyconstruction sites, including asking questions like whether a certain kind ofsand has come in. He walks the floor of his buildings asking doormen and otherjunior staff how things are going, but if a uniform is out of place or a tablemessy he demands it is taken care of. He is astonishingly loyal to some staff, for example GregCuneo who was a 27-year old project engineer on one of Trump’s constructionsites who asked to see Trump about a plan to set up his own company. Trump gavehim a series of contracts and made him a millionaire. However, people who violate his loyalty see another side ofhim. One employee who left his employment received a letter accusing him ofbetrayal – and he never lets people who are disloyal work for him again.Messages Don’ttake anything Trump says on face value and try to stay on the right side ofhim.www.fortune.comInformed in five is a service fromthe Personnel Today HRDirectors Club to keep you on top of what’s in the top business journals. Related posts:No related photos. Informed in Five: “The Trophy Life “On 30 Apr 2004 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

Bectu members at Cineworld advised to accept 3.5% pay offer

first_imgBectu members at Cineworld advised to accept 3.5% pay offerBy Mike Berry on 6 Sep 2006 in Personnel Today Members of the Bectu union employed at Cineworld multiplexes are to be balloted on a 3.5% across-the-board pay offer. Bectu negotiators are recommending that they accept the offer, which was made to projection staff and engineers after weeks of behind-the-scenes talks with management. Union officials are due to meet the company again on 19 September, four days after the vote closes. Mick Corfield, chair of Bectu’s Cineworld sub-division, said: “I’m delighted that once again we have negotiated a year-on-year, above-inflation pay award for our members while operating in difficult times and still maintaining no significant changes to our terms and conditions.” Cineworld, with nearly 80 multiplexes, is the second biggest cinema chain in the UK, and has been owned by venture capital group Blackstone since 2004. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. last_img read more