5 awesome freetoplay games like World of Tanks

first_img 1 2 World of Tanks may look at first like a massively complicated warfare simulator — a sweeping recreation of battles past. In fact, it’s a very accessible online action game where you get to drive and customize your very own virtual tank. It plays like a shooter, but your gun is attached to a few tons of rolling steel.This game has been a smash on PCs, where its engaging free-to-play gameplay has hooked plenty of gamers. The beta just rolled out on the Xbox 360, and players seem pleased there as well. World of Tanks doesn’t have the exclusive on this style of gameplay, though. Here are five similar games you might want to play if you like World of Tanks.Mechwarrior OnlineMechwarrior is a storied franchise that suffered from many years of neglect, but it’s back and (some say) better than ever with Mechwarrior Online. This game, again, is free-to-play with microtransactions. Just like World of Tanks, you build up experience and upgrade your vehicle to do more damage in online matches, although your vehicle is quite different.The mechs in this game are giant armored walking robots bristling with guns, but piloted by frail, squishy human beings. This title plays more like a first-person shooter, but there are some clues that remind you you’re in a walking tank. You can see the gun emplacements and metal frame of your mech bobbing along at the bottom of the screen.The graphics are a bit more advanced in Mechwarrior than most free-to-play online games, but that’s not something I’m going to complain about.Mechwarrior is still in public beta, but the final version is expected on September 7th. Over 1 million accounts have been registered, so there should be plenty of people to shoot at.Gear UpWhereas World of Tanks goes for realism with recreations of real vehicles, Gear Up is more off the wall. This title is also free-to-play, but it has a more cartoon-y vibe. Comparing this game to World of Tanks is like comparing Team Fortess 2 to Call of Duty.The tanks in this game bear little resemblance to the real thing, and you can add all sorts of crazy attachments. Want a walking hexapod tank? That’s doable. The way you upgrade tanks in this game is just so open. You can essentially build a completely new vehicle from the ground up.The online multiplayer angle is robust in Gear Up. Games can support up to 32 players, and there are a wide array of game types including battles, races, and team challenges. You level up your tank and unlock new technologies by completing challenges, more of which are being added all the time.Gear Up is still in alpha, but you can still get in on the fun as the game takes shape. It’s on Steam at no upfront cost. There will be microtransaction for additional content, or you can buy the premium version for $9.99.Next page: War Thunder and more games like World of Tanks…last_img

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