Adventure Time Creators Next Project Could Be a Castlevania Cartoon

first_imgStay on target Konami Lives With Classic Anniversary CollectionsThe Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Character Guide: Simon and Richter Belmont One of gaming’s greatest and most revered franchises is Castlevania. Despite the 30 year history of the series, Konami doesn’t seem interested in producing a new entry anytime soon (unless it’s a weird, erotic pachinko game). For all intents and purposes, the proverbial stake has been plunged into the heart of this beloved series. However, Castlevania could be getting resurrected in animated form.While speaking with Nickelodeon’s Nick Animation Podcast (via Bleeding Cool), Fred Seibert of Frederator Studios said his team (the same ones behind the wildly popular Adventure Time) is working on a project based on “one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years.” He explained how Frederator had the rights to adapt this game for the last 12 years but have been unable to actually work on it until now.By just this alone, it is hard to tell what video game franchise Seibert could be talking about. It could be any number of classic 30-year old series like Super Mario Bros., Metroid, or The Legend of Zelda. However, there is evidence suggesting that this project will, in fact, be Castlevania.Back in 2015, producer Adi Shankar announced that he was working on a “super violent” animated miniseries based on Castlevania and that he teamed up with Frederator Studios to produce it. In the original report from Collider, it is stated that Frederator has owned the rights to the vampire slaying series for over a decade.We don’t have any official confirmation that this Shankar/Frederator Studios project is a Castlevania animated series, but if we connect all of the dots, this is a reasonable conclusion to make. Let’s also remember that Castlevania recently celebrated its 30th anniversary this past September, so the part about the cartoon being based on a 30-year old franchise seems to fit nicely.We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this story, but the prospect of a Castlevania cartoon –especially one that is as violent as the video games — should make fans very happy.last_img

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