Nothing Greases the Wheels of Capitalism Like Pizza

first_img Las Vegas Pizzeria Offers ‘Grasshopper Pie’ Amid Insect Inva…Domino’s Brings Autonomous Pizza Delivery to Houston Work is boring. Even when a significant amount of your job involves playing and writing about exciting new video games weeks before they release, it can still be tough to stay motivated and get out of bed every morning. This is especially true once you step back and realize just how shamelessly your work is being exploited by oligarchs who couldn’t care less… What was I supposed to be writing about?Oh yeah! Pizza! It’s good for more than just a post-orgasm snack. A new study demonstrates that the best way to keep your employees loyal and happy and oblivious to the economic systems grinding them into dust is with a nice free slice of pizza.In his upcoming book Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, author Dan Ariely tests four different reward systems in an Intel Israeli semiconductor factory. One rewards employees’ hard work with a cash bonus, one rewards it with praise from the boss, one offers no rewards at all, and the last one offers free pizza at the end of the week. Presumably, this experiment wouldn’t work here in New York where workers would tear each other apart arguing over which local pizza place is truly the best. Talk about pineapple and watch the whole office explode.The results may not be what you were expecting. After an early lead from free pizza, praise from the boss actually ended up being the strongest motivator. More surprising, or perhaps depressing, is that a cash bonus actually ended up causing 13.2 percent less productivity than no reward at all. The academic rationale behind this is that people stay incentive to keep working if they feel valued at work either by their boss or food. Getting money they’ll spend outside of work isn’t enough.These are certainly interesting findings but considering current levels of income inequality the last thing the managing class of global businesses need to hear is “Actually employees will become more worthwhile if we pay them less.” This experiment separates the different reward systems but maybe the best motivation would be a combination of money AND praise AND pizza. Just a thought. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Stay on targetlast_img

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