The Morning Press Marijuana freeholders memorial service

first_imgLicensed marijuana growing and processing businesses will begin operations in Washington shortly before the first sales licenses are issued, possibly by the end of March. The creation of a recreational marijuana sales network in Washington has been slower than it was in Colorado because that state was able to piggyback on its pre-existing regulated medical marijuana dispensary network, which Washington doesn’t have. Check out the local weather forecast here.Here are some of the weekend’s top stories and news you may have missed:Marijuana legalized: Now what?Judging by the microfilm, Vancouver wasn’t overwhelmed by intoxicated hordes when the walls finally fell and legal sales began for what had once been a forbidden drug.Despite months of arguing over how to tax it, who should be licensed to sell it and what levels of potency would be allowed, the end of alcohol prohibition on Dec. 5, 1933 was a relatively calm affair.Fast forward 81 years, and we find ourselves in an oddly similar situation, this time with marijuana.The economy is sluggish at best, state and local governments are strapped for cash and, in two states at least, legal walls are dropping on a drug that’s been prohibited federally for a long stretch — 85 years instead of the 13 years for alcohol.While possession of certain amounts of marijuana has been legal in Washington for more than a year, there still are no stores where adults can buy it. Colorado opened its first recreational markets on Jan. 1, in what was an overwhelmingly smooth launch with no arrests or serious problems — and $5 million worth of sales in the first week.So what will happen when retail marijuana sales begin in Washington later this year? And where will Clark County find itself in the mix?last_img

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