Pokémon Generations anime debuts today for free on YouTube

first_imgHold on to your Pokédex, because Pokémon Generations is coming to make all of your nostalgic dreams come true!The Pokémon Generations anime has just been announced by The Pokémon Company as a series of animated shorts that will be released for free on YouTube. Every week, starting today, September 16th, you can catch a new Pokémon adventure that gives a peek into an untold story from every generation of games from the Pokémon franchise released since 1996.Poké-SWAT teams!A “generation” in Pokémon accounts for a group of games released within the same time period, like the original Red, Blue, and Yellow, making up the first. Each episode will focus on the Pokémon, timeline, and location of that generation, but not necessarily on the usual protagonist. Catch ya later, Ash Ketchum.Professor Sycamore character concept art.A Pokemon trainer from the Pokemon Black and White generation.Each episode will be between three to five minutes long, released every week through December 23, 2016.Viridian Forest int he Kanto region concept artThe Pokémon Company sure has been barraging fans with a slew of amazing games, products, series, and spin off franchises this year as they celebrate their 20th anniversary. With the success of Pokémon GO, the Pokémon Sun and Moon game coming out later this year, as well as the tie-in anime series, the announcement of Pokémon Generations surely isn’t the last big news we’ll hear this season from the company.Pokémon Generations will release two episodes for its debut today at 9am PST on their official Pokémon YouTube channel.last_img

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