PS4 Killzone mega bundle confirmed for UK matches Xbox One price

first_imgBack in August a listing appeared on Amazon France that offered a PS4 console bundled with an extra DualShock 4 controller, the PlayStation Camera, and a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall. The price initially matched that of the Xbox One standard console price, but soon disappeared with no confirmation from Sony as to what was planned.Now that same bundle has appeared briefly on Amazon’s UK site and has since been confirmed by Sony as a real bundle that will be offered in the UK. The price will be the same as the Xbox One that ships with a single controller, Kinect, and a download copy of FIFA 14 or Forza 5.Internally Sony refers to this launch bundle as the “mega bundle,” and it’s easy to see why. It is matching the Xbox One on price, but offering more in terms of value, especially if you count that second controller. You can argue that the PS4 and Xbox One at the same price offer the same value, but not everyone wants FIFA 14 or Forza 5 (or Kinect for that matter), but you don’t have any choice.If you don’t want Killzone, then you still have the choice to purchase the standard PS4, select another game or two, and save some cash. The same is true if you don’t want the second controller or camera. The choice is there, and that’s what is important.If you’ve already pre-ordered a PS4, Sony is working with retailers to allow the option to upgrade to a bundle once it becomes available/official. And apparently this isn’t the only bundle that will be on offer, with Sony set to announce several more before the week is over. Could we see other so-called mega bundles including games such as Knack and Watch Dogs perhaps?I’d be really surprised not to see this mega bundle and other bundles announced for the US soon, too.last_img

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