Valve ports HalfLife to Linux

first_imgIn order for Steam to be a success on Linux it needs lots of games, and it needs games from all the major publishers going forward. But because this is Steam, Valve has a back catalog of games to call upon that everyone still wants to play. One of those games is Half-Life, and Valve has now made it available on Steam for Linux.The 1998 game has apparently been added to the library of games that runs on Linux. The good news is, if you already purchased the game for Windows and have it available on your Steam account, there’s nothing else to do but download it to your Linux machine and start playing. Alternatively, if you don’t own the game, it’s a $9.99 purchase.With the Steam Linux client now in open beta, releasing Half-Life makes a lot of sense for Valve. It may be an old game, but it’s still very popular and just as importantly doesn’t need the latest hardware to run. Valve has already started promoting Steam for Linux to Windows users, and having Half-Life available should entice a few more gamers to make the switch or at least try Steam on the free OS.The obvious next step is to get the add-on packs working and then move to getting Half-Life 2 running. We also have to consider that Valve will be focusing on ensuring Half-Life 3 can run on Linux as they will want to simultaneously launch that game on Windows and Linux. We may even see Steam for Linux get it first if Valve really want to shake things up.via Phoronixlast_img

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