PengPods inexpensive Linux tablets cleared for takeoff

first_imgOver on crowdfunding site IndieGogo, there’s a nice little Linux success story shaping up. An endeavor by Peacock Imports, called PengPod, has received all the funding it needs in order to start ordering up two inexpensive Linux-friendly tablets and an HDMI stick PC.The device will all run single-core AllWinner A10 processors, just like another modestly successful range of devices the MK802 and its successors. At the bottom end of the price scale is the PengStick, which was offered in exchange for an $85 pledge. Spec-wise, it’s comparable to the MK802. It’s a step behind some devices that have launched more recently.Next up is PengPod 700, a 7-inch tablet with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a 1.3MP webcam. It went for $99 for a limited time before being bumped to $120 — and Peacock registered more than 130 total orders for the tablet. The biggest knocks on the 700 are its very low-resolution display (just 800×480) and a battery that offers just 3.3Ah of power.At the top of the range sits the PengPod 1000. It’s a 10-inch tablet with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, and, like the PengPod 700, it’s also saddled with a low-resolution (1024×600) display. On the upside, its battery offers nearly twice the capacity of its 7-inch sibling and there are dual USB ports for hooking up peripherals.Really, it’s not the hardware that Peacock is pushing. It’s the software. The goal is to provide folks with a range of low-cost Linux computing options. Peacock needs funding to improve Linux support for some important hardware bits in the tablets, like their hardware buttons, accelerometers, and webcams.Peacock also plans to offer up pre-built Linux images for its devices, share all its source code on Github, and offer ongoing support to PengPod owners. PengPod isn’t really about selling cheap Android tablets that are “free of Google’s restrictions,” it’s about providing a low-cost way for Linux enthusiasts — and newbies — to get their hands on hardware that’s made to run the free, open platform.More at Pengpod and Liliputinglast_img

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