Android 40 port for x86 tablets and laptops released

first_imgDeveloper Chih-Wei Huang has been porting Android open source releases to x86 platforms for ages, and he’s hot on the heels of Android devs who have already released Ice Cream Sandwich ports for phones other than the Galaxy Nexus. His port for x86 tablets and laptops — and heck, even desktops — is now ready for download.It’s still very much a work in progress, and it’s important to note that this is not an official Google release. It doesn’t have anything to do with Intel, either, despite there being some confusion about the chipmaker’s statements that it would be optimizing certain bits of Android 4.0 code to run on its own processors. This is yet another release from the, and it’s a community project.Right now, the x86 Android 4.0 port works best on the AMD Brazos platform — like what you’ll get in the Acer Iconia Tab W500. Hardware support is already fairly robust, with everything from Wi-Fi to cameras and touchscreen input to Ethernet working. OpenGL ES hardware acceleration is supported for the Brazos’ Radeon GPU and Intel GMA as well.The group has posted an ISO file that you can use to burn a LiveCD, and you might be able to convert that to a live USB drive (or SD Card) using a tool like Fedora’s LiveUSB creator on Windows or Linux. Mixed success has been reported trying to mount the file and boot it under VirtualBox, though that’s certainly worth a try if you’re curious and don’t have any blank CDs or a spare flash drive.More at 9 to 5 Googlelast_img

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