Oldboy director uses iPhones to film latest horror project

first_imgFilm director Park Chan-wook is very well-known and respected in his home country of South Korea, but he also found international success in 2003 with the release of Oldboy. If you know and like his work, you’d probably reference Lady Vengeance and Thirst as movies to watch too.For his latest project Chan-wook decided to try something a little different. Not different in terms of content, but in how the film was shot. Instead of using very expensive movie-production quality filming equipment, he instead opted to use a number of iPhones.The 30-minute film is called Paranmanjang and it’s a fantasy-horror. While you may think that relying on iPhones to record the footage may not be the best idea, Chan-wook said it had some advantages. Mainly, the relatively cheap smartphone allowed for many more camera angles because he could afford to use many more of them than he would with professional cameras. The lack of pro hardware also looks to have kept the costs down for the project which was created on a budget of just $133,000.The video below gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the short with the iPhone clearly visible in a number of places:Paranmanjang is out on January 27 in South Korea. It’s unclear if we’ll see a release in the West. We may have to wait for Chan-wook’s next big feature and hope this is an extra on the Blu-ray and DVD release.Read more at Mashable, via TechdirtMatthew’s OpinionIf you gave someone with no movie-making experience a bunch of iPhones and told them to shoot a 30-minute short the footage you’d get back would be amateurish. Give the same to an experienced director who has a production crew, make-up, actors, and a professional lighting setup, and you’ll get something close to what you expect in the theater.The cameras we get in smartphones are only going to get better. This is good news for budding film makers who want to practice as well as get some footage together to help get their foot in the door. Film courses will also benefit as students can all have cameras to use rather than trying to share very expensive production equipment.last_img

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