Best players of week two in EHF VELUX Champions League chosen

← Previous Story Wisła wins against Chrobry, fantastic play by Wichary! Next Story → Bundesliga (Round 8): Rhein-Neckar Lowen defeat Flensburg, now 14:0! The ideal team of the second week in EHF Velux’s Champions League has been chosen, and most players come from Barcelona, while it’s a surprise that there is no player in it from THW Kiel which scored 43 goals against Savehof.Left wing: Kasper Mortensen (Silkeborg)Left back: Siarhei Rutenka (Barcelona)Centre: Frantisek Sulc (Pick Szeged)Right back: Kiril Lazarov (Atletico Madrid)Right wing: Dmitry Kovalev (Chekhovski Medvedi)Pivot: Kasper Nielsen (Savehof)Goalkeeper: Arpad Sterbik (Barcelona) kovalevlazarovmortensennielsenrutenkasterbiksulc

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