Interior Minister Investigation About Fish Vendors Death to be Released Soon

Fez – Morocco’s Interior Minister Mohammed Hassad said an investigation on the events regarding the death of Mohsin Fikri, a fish vendor who died in a trash compactor while trying to save his products, is currently underway.“We cannot accept officials acting in haste, anger or in conditions that do not respect people’s rights,” said Hassad, while promising due process for those responsible for the gruesome incident.Hassad also noted that the deceased and another man left the port with a car full of swordfish, which is illegal to fish. Both men had not been stopped at a police checkpoint, even though the prosecutor had been notified of the situation and an order to confiscate the fish had been issued. “Those who took the decision to destroy the fish and attack the impacter must answer to the public prosecutor,” the minister said.Hassad emphasized that the results of the investigations will be released soon, adding that “we can not consider the state directly responsible for Fikri’s death, but it is imperative that we identify the mistakes that were made and punish the perpetrators.”Previously, King Mohammed VI asked for a thorough investigation to charge all those found responsible for the incident to be held as an example for any public official who does not fulfill his duties to the best of his or her abilities.Following the tragic incident, several protests erupted around Morocco on Sunday evening, demanding governmental accountability.

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