Nomadic Filmland Academy Offers Youth Opportunity to Be Filmmaking Production Assistants

Rabat – The 1001 Nights Filmmaking Program, a unique opportunity for youth to be filmmaking production assistants, is scheduled to take place from May 18th through the 27th in Marrakech and Ouarzazate.The event will be staged by Nomadic Filmland Academy, a new filmmaking program created by the young, colorful Moroccan Chaymaa Rhou last year. It seeks to supply opportunities to promising production assistants, support their passion, and further upgrade their artistic credentials.The nine-day program also offers them the opportunity to network with professional, international mentors. “The aim is to enhance the skills of participants in filmmaking and offer them the access to our film network and media partners during the program. We also hope to prepare them to build a name in the industry,” Chaymaa Rhou told MWN.The program will include practical activities and workshops in English. They will be conducted by two international experts, Marco Zaccaria and Robera Chimera.The two experts will guide the participants in embarking on their brilliant careers by instructing them in the skills to tell stories visually, creating visual experiences through images and sounds, and publishing visual content through the web.They will also share their professional experiences in directing, production, scriptwriting, editing, filming, and storytelling.At the end of workshops, the coaches will assist the participants in producing a short collaborative film together.Additionally, the participants will benefit from the usage of professional, advanced materials for filming and editing during the course of the program.They will also profit from the access to Moroccan Hollywood Ouarzazate Studios, Nomadic Filmland Academy’s media partners and film experts.Nomadic Filmland Academy’s mission is to be a bridge that enables promising filming artists to overcome obstacles and excel in the visual arts field in Morocco.To apply for 1001 Nights Filmmaking Program, visit

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