A blue bone for Messi

first_img“We have already visited the dentist, go to the next one,” he said Joaquín Caparrós after receiving seven goals at the Camp Nou on the first day of the 2013-14 season. They were other times. now him dentist is Bordalás, an ultrapragmatic who falls in love with bilardistas and resultdistas, but before whom knee already even the purists of the elaboration.Beyond the gigantic budget crack, Here is a sample of the contrast of styles. Barça da 37 passes on average for cpursue a goal. The Getafe, 13. Getafe commits 18 fouls per game in own field. Barça, 11. The Barça gives 719 passes per game and Getafe, 341. The average distance of each Barça pass is 16.3 meters. From Getafe, 21.9. And David Soria is the goalkeeper who has spent the most time in this League. What it means this? Not too much. The explained Valverde last Thursday in Bilbao: “Having the 80% ball of time does not mean playing well. “What is evident is the school contrast, which allows you to intuit an exciting game. The final icing of spicy is Angel. The canary, 32, awaits a Barça call. Bordalás could protect it and leave it on the bench. Or feed the fire in Can Barça. The Barça paste tumbles to sign a nine of paste; Angel comes to Camp Nou to be possibly substitute and Setién and Bordalás You can’t even see But there are more shocking things. Messi It has been three days without scoring. That a club wants to sign, that a player feels observed, or that two coaches do not get along, is the order of the day. But Messi is dry three league games it didn’t happen two years ago. In a competition where he has been able to score 50 goals and who rules with an iron hand, the brand should not make a hint of grace. Today a blue bone awaits you, the Getafe, which despite its controversial style has won meter by meter on respect of all (follow the game live on As.com).last_img

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