Juneteenth celebration to be held in Mason City on Friday

first_imgMASON CITY — Mason City for Justice will be holding a Juneteenth celebration at Monroe Park on Friday afternoon. Mason City for Justice board member Couturie Sublett says Juneteenth celebrates the enactment of the Emancipation Proclamation and the ending  of slavery in the United States.  “What this is is kind of a unity group celebrating Juneteenth because I wanted to bring light to a holiday, especially a holiday of people of color, as well as anyone else truly. That’s what this is for. This is for unity. I wanted to bring the group and the community together to celebrate something. I also wanted to introduce myself and the coalition to the community. We are on Facebook and we’ve met people through protests, but I want to meet each person individually, meet city councilmembers, meet the community and show everybody who we are, what we’re about and how we can bring the city together.” Sublett says we’ve seen that there’s a lot of systemic racism and he says the organization is trying to connect with people to make sure that doesn’t happen here.  “We’re trying to grow awareness in the community as to what’s going around the United States in a whole, and then most importantly focusing here locally in north Iowa about making sure nothing like this happens and anything of this sort is held accountable, whether it’s policing or personal things like that. So that’s what we’re here to do is to make sure that things we see in the news don’t happen here and that anything of this sort we can bring awareness to so that if something does happen, we can communicate and keep everybody accountable.” Sublett hopes people will be able to learn more by attending Friday’s event.  “We’re going to have speakers every hour to talk about the history of Juneteenth in more detail. We’re going to have people talk about what we want to do for the future and how we can work together to do that. Come out and learn something and have a good time, introduce yourself to me, introduce to anybody when it comes to the coalition. Let’s talk, let’s interact with each other and learn more so that we can work together to make sure anything and everything that could be accountable can be taken care of so we can have a  better, safe, secure and unified north Iowa.” The event runs from 1:00 to 7:00 tomorrow afternoon at Monroe Park.  2:00-3:00 Corn Hole tournament4:00-5:00 kids event.5:00-7:00pm Pot Luck style Dinner(not required to bring anything)6:00pm BBQ Chicken grill Cook-off Judging-Cook-Off is non-professional/Just for fun/no entry fee-Have speakers on Juneteenth history, and mason city future on the top of every hour.Bouncy house all daycoloring station all dayFree hotdogs all dayOutdoor games all dayWater toys all dayFree to all, come have a good time.Here to Celebrate, and educated about this historic event in history.This is our beginning for community unity.We have Hand sanitizer stations, free gloves, and free masks for Covid-19 protectionAny volunteers would be welcome, and appreciatedlast_img

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