Letter to editor: We just wanted to retire in peace

first_imgTo the editor:My wife and I have lived in Sumner County for 34 years and in Wellington for almost 20 of those years. I just want to let off some steam. During those years I have held the following positions:Mayor of Belle Plaine,Council Member Belle Plaine,President of Booster Club Belle Plaine,Vice President of Booster Club Belle Plaine,Police Reserve Officer Belle Plaine,Sheriff Reserve for Sumner County,Wellington Chamber Representative,Member of Wellington Golf Club 20 plus years, and worked at BAE for 25 years and Clark’s for five years.During that time we have never been happier with a town or citizens as caring and loving as here in south central Kansas. But since I retired about five years ago I have never been so disappointed in a town or people in my life than I am right now. I have a neighbor who complains to the city — I get a letter from Jamie who is understanding — every time I leave something in the alley or something on my trailer.If you were to know me or watch my home, there are not very many people in town who take care of their place as well as I do and if you go down my alley, there is none in town better, but still not good enough for the neighbor I live next to. They even complained to the cable company when they ran a cable from a pole behind my neighbors house in the alley to my house because it crossed over the corner of their yard, even though it was legal and 12 foot above the ground. The cable company in order to please her moved the cable over behind my house just attached to the cable line itself between the poles.We have always tried to patronize the businesses in this town and support the different organizations, but we feel it is time to move on. We didn’t like it but accepted the fact that our money was not handled as well as in the past, therefore had to raise utilities in order to stabilize our city. What finally pushed us to the end was when we got our taxes for our home. They have went up about $300 a year.We called the county appraisers office and the first thing they said was we have built a building with a garage door facing the alley. I explained that it was a golf cart garage door for storing a golf cart and I didn’t even used it any more as I am 70 years old and don’t play any more. To top that off the building was built two years after I moved into this house in 1998 and the county is just now taxing me for it? Then I was asked did I notify them that I had built it in 1998. I don’t remember, but I do know I got a permit and it was inspected by the city. But that doesn’t matter.My question how often do they come look at my property to appraise it? That to didn’t matter, only option protest when I pay first half. This building is a work shop to spend my time building wood craft projects in my retirement years. During the last year I have not even been able to do that. I bought all my tools and built the building in order to enjoy my retirement years. So much for that. We have decided to put our house on the market and move on — not worth the hassle of fighting with neighbors, city or county in our retirement years. We just wanted to enjoy our home, friends and retirement.Ronald R. McDonaldWellington, Kans.last_img

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