PRO-6 to Espenido: Innocent has nothing to fear

first_imgILOILO City – Beleaguered PoliceLieutenant Colonel Jovie Espenido has nothing to worry about his safety if heis not involved in illegal drugs. “Walanaman tayong reliable information or validated report that he isinvolved in illegal drugs, so he was cleared,” said Pamuspusan. Recently, PRO-6 Police BrigadierGeneral Rene Pamuspusan, said that Espenido has already been “adjudicated” inthe regional level. “He (Espenido) will be assigned here andhe for sure he will be given work to do while waiting for the result of theinvestigation and validation for his case after his name was included in 357police personnel in the country who are reportedly in the narco listsof President Duterte,” said Malong. But Duterte won’t allow harm to come thepolice official’s way, stressed Panelo. Earlier, Malacañang also assured Espenidothat President Rodrigo Duterte won’t allow him to get harmed outside of legalprocesses. “If that is Colonel Espenido’s fear, wecannot stop him (from feeling) such. He must have some reasons,” Panelo said ina media briefing yesterday. On Feb. 7,  Espenido was removed as deputy director foroperations of the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO). Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6) spokesperson,Police Lieutenant Colonel Joem Malong, assured this after Espenido said in arecent interview that the “government” could go after him and kill him. Thecontroversial police officer was confirmed to be among the 357 policemen inDuterte’s drug watch list or narco list. Panelo reiterated that President Dutertebelieves Espenido is “clean” of any drug links and the allegations against thepolice officer were “untrue” and nothing but “black propaganda.” On the other hand, Malong said thatEspenido will remain in PRO-6 specifically in Regional Personnel Holdingand Accounting Unit while waiting for the final adjudication of Camp Cramefor his alleged link to illegal drugs. He, however, said the “finaladjudication” will come from the national police headquarters./PN “Kungwala man lang siya involvement saillegal drugs and clear ang iyaconscience, he has nothing to fear,” said Malong, adding Espenido has alreadybeen “adjudicated” in the regional level. Presidential spokesperson SalvadorPanelo said Espenido “must have some reasons” for fearing for his life due tohis inclusion in the government’s drug watch list. He then said, “Espenido can request [forprotection] just like any other citizen.”last_img

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