An ‘Empire Records’ Broadway Musical Is In Development

first_imgEmpire Records, the 1995 cult classic about a group teenage record store employees trying to save their independent retailer from being gobbled up by a large corporation, is being reworked as a Broadway musical. Rolling Stone reports that the organizers of the production are aiming for a 2020 premiere.Originally a critical and commercial flop, Empire Record featured impressive young cast that included future stars like Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler. While the film never really caught on with its intended Gen X audience, its assortment of misfit characters and their quotable one-liners have found a second life as a niche favorite for many millennials. Additionally, the film is known for it’s ’90s alt-rock soundtrack, which featured tunes by The Cranberries, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Cracker, Better Than Ezra, and Gin Blossoms.Interestingly, diehard fans of Empire Records may notice that today—April 8th—is Rex Manning Day. Named for the fictional washed-up ’80s pop star who drops by the record store for an autograph signing, Rex Manning Day has developed into an internet meme celebrating the day (in the film’s universe, of course) that Manning’s visit to Empire Records took place.Rex Manning – “Say No More Mon Amour”“The film has developed a cult audience over the years, and addresses issues that people of all ages can identify with,” the musical’s producer, Bill Weiner, told Rolling Stone. “It also evokes an interesting period in time, the Nineties, where the music business was changing – and a lot of people remember that as part of their youth. I knew we had something when I would tell people about the show and consistently see faces light up – everyone has a story, whether it’s that they saw the movie 10 times, stole the video cassette from an older sibling or the soundtrack was the first CD they ever purchased.”The Empire Records musical will be written by the film’s screenwriter Carol Heikkinen, who will adapt her script for the new format. Zoe Harnak will handle the music and lyrics.last_img

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