Radio host gets six years in prison

first_img Follow the news on Uzbekistan Organisation RSF_en May 11, 2021 Find out more February 11, 2021 Find out more New press freedom predators elected to UN Human Rights Council More than six years in prison for Uzbek blogger who covered corruption Uzbek blogger facing possible 10-year jail term News News UzbekistanEurope – Central Asia center_img May 28, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Radio host gets six years in prison News News UzbekistanEurope – Central Asia Receive email alerts Reporters Without Borders condemns the six-year jail sentence that a court in Tashkent passed today on Khayrullo Khamidov, a popular radio host, poet and sports commentator. Khamidov’s trial, held behind closed doors, ended on 11 May but the sentencing was postponed three times for unknown reasons.Detained since last January, Khamidov was convicted on a charge of belonging to a banned Muslim organisation under article 216 of the criminal code, concerning “the organisation or active participation in a proscribed social or religious movement.” Reporters Without Borders believes the charge was trumped up with the aim of intimidating and silencing both journalists and government opponents. The government persecutes its opponents relentlessly. At least 11 journalists are currently held in Uzbekistan’s prisons, in which, according to many reports, torture is virtually systematic. The sentence imposed on Khamidov confirms Uzbekistan’s status as Europe’s biggest prison for the media.Khamidov is well-known in Uzbekistan because of his various radio programmes, in which he often referred to Islam. But he never advocated violence and none of his activities could be regarded as proscribed. His conviction is the act of a paranoid state that just wanted to prevent him from working.Khamidov was arrested on 21 January in a pre-dawn raid by police who searched his home thoroughly and removed books, CDs and his computer. In his show “Kholislik Sari” (Voice of Impartiality), a programme on semi-privately-owned radio Navruz with a large audience throughout the country and among Uzbek minorities in neighbouring countries, Khamidov offered advice based on traditional Islamic values to listeners in distress.In so doing, he shed light on issues that are generally ignored in the official media – public health problems, corruption, prostitution and the country’s social and moral crisis.His lawyers plan to file an appeal in an attempt to get his sentence reduced. Eighteen other people were tried with him. Five of them were given sentences of five or six years in prison while the other 13 were acquitted. Help by sharing this information to go further October 15, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

Allahabad HC To Hear Letter Petition For Non-Opening Of Courts In UP Amid Pandemic [Read Letter]

first_imgNews UpdatesAllahabad HC To Hear Letter Petition For Non-Opening Of Courts In UP Amid Pandemic [Read Letter] LIVELAW NEWS NETWORK6 May 2020 3:57 AMShare This – xThe Allahabad High Court has agreed to hear a letter petition for non-opening of Courts at Allahabad and Lucknow from May 8, 2020, for physical appearance. The same is listed for consideration tomorrow. On Monday, the High Court had decided to open its Benches at Allahabad and Lucknow “in shifts”. It was intimated by way of a notification that the High Court benches will open from May…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginThe Allahabad High Court has agreed to hear a letter petition for non-opening of Courts at Allahabad and Lucknow from May 8, 2020, for physical appearance. The same is listed for consideration tomorrow. On Monday, the High Court had decided to open its Benches at Allahabad and Lucknow “in shifts”. It was intimated by way of a notification that the High Court benches will open from May 8, 2020 “in two different shifts having different sessions for criminal as well as civil matters.” Contesting this decision in light of “worsening” of the COVID-19 pandemic situation, practicing Advocate of the High Court, Shashwat Anand has made a representation before Chief Justice Govind Mathur urging him not to re-open courts for physical presence. “If the Courts so open for physical presence, it is highly likely that the chances of COVID-19 transmission and spread shall increase manifold and the Advocates and the High Court staff members would be bound to overlook and slight the lockdown guidelines and preventive measures put in place. Further, it is not practically possible to take utmost care and precaution as against an invisible virus and there are bound to be lapses in our vigilance,” Anand asserted. He further averred that the Central Government’s order dated May 1 regarding extension of the lockdown period until May 17 “occupies the field and as such is a binding law on the matter”. Thus, he submitted, that since the order of lockdown is prevailing, the administrative order of the High Court dated May 4, providing for reopening of the Courts at Allahabad and Lucknow, is liable to be quashed and set aside, being repugnant to and hit by the aforesaid Order of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. He has thus urged that instead of reopening the Courts and allowing “physical intermingling”, the High Court may increase the strength of Benches sitting in Virtual Courts until the lifting of the nation-wide lockdown and the normalization of the pandemic situation. He has also prayed that necessary measures should be adopted to streamline the E-Filing Procedure, so as to make it hassle-free, efficient and more-effective, so as to facilitate the Advocates in easily filing their respective cases and the Court in hearing and deciding the matters by the Video Conferencing mode. The representation was made in a letter format, “owing to the gravity and urgency of the matter involved and the practical constrains of the current e-filing and listing procedure”. Click Here To Download Letter Read Letter Next Storylast_img read more

Allahabad High Court’s Judgment In Dr Kafeel Khan’s Habeas Corpus Case Is A Great Ray Of Hope

first_imgColumnsAllahabad High Court’s Judgment In Dr Kafeel Khan’s Habeas Corpus Case Is A Great Ray Of Hope Dr. Lokendra Malik2 Sep 2020 9:39 PMShare This – xDr. Kafeel Khan is released from Mathura jail last night after the order of the Allahabad HighCourt which quashed his detention under the National Security Act. He was booked under the National Security Act for delivering a provocative speech at the Aligarh Muslim University. The High Court did not find his speech objectionable and ordered his immediate release from the jail. This judgment…Your free access to Live Law has expiredTo read the article, get a premium account.Your Subscription Supports Independent JournalismSubscription starts from ₹ 599+GST (For 6 Months)View PlansPremium account gives you:Unlimited access to Live Law Archives, Weekly/Monthly Digest, Exclusive Notifications, Comments.Reading experience of Ad Free Version, Petition Copies, Judgement/Order Copies.Subscribe NowAlready a subscriber?LoginDr. Kafeel Khan is released from Mathura jail last night after the order of the Allahabad HighCourt which quashed his detention under the National Security Act. He was booked under the National Security Act for delivering a provocative speech at the Aligarh Muslim University. The High Court did not find his speech objectionable and ordered his immediate release from the jail. This judgment is a great ray of hope for all those who believe in a controlled constitutional government and work towards the cause of promoting the rule of law, human rights, dignity, and constitutionalism in the country. Through this verdict, the Court has sent a strong message to the executive to follow the mandate of the rule of law and human rights and treat citizens with dignity. This is a great judgment that needs to be appreciated widely. This is indeed a great ray of hope during this difficult time when people are suffering badly from Corona pandemic and executive excesses. Dr. Khan was lodged in jail since 29 January this year. As mentioned above, he was accused of delivering a provocative speech at the Aligarh Muslim University on 10 December 2019 during the Anti-CAA/NRC protests that were held in many parts of the country. His detention was extended in August this year for another three months. His mother Mrs. Nuzhat Parveen had filed a habeas corpus petition seeking his release on grounds that the U. P. government had framed her son illegally. The Supreme Court had also directed the Hon’ble Allahabad High Court to decide the case expeditiously. In her petition, his mother had stated that her son had been granted bail in February this year but the District Magistrate had slapped NSA on him before he could be released from the jail. Notably, in U.P. and many other states, nowadays it has become a fashion to impose the NSA or some other draconian laws on accused persons once they get bail from the courts of law. The police book them immediately under the NSA or other draconian laws to obstruct their release from the jail if they get bail. This adamant executive attitude is nothing but a clear threat to the administration of justice, judicial power and, the rule of law. It shows “Hum dekhtte hain tum kaise bahar aogey” attitude of the police authorities towards the accused persons who knock the doors of courts of law for their release on bail. In other words, the police pose a challenge to the accused regarding their release from the jail. The police wrongly think that their powers are unlimited and nobody can check them. It is widely believed that in all these matters, the District Magistrates and the police officers act as per the instructions of their political masters who target specific people due to political reasons and vote bank politics. The Hon’ble Allahabad High Court has sent a strong message to such officers who take personal liberty, human rights, and the rule of law lightly. The Court has told them clearly that they cannot violate people’s fundamental rights while exercising their powers of arrest and detention. There should always be some valid reasons to detain people under the NSA or other laws that provide preventive detention. A Division Bench of the High Court of Allahabad comprising Chief Justice Govind Mathur and Justice S. D. Singh rightly quashed Khan’s detention order saying that “A complete reading of the speechprima facie does not disclose any effort to promote hatred or violence. It also nowhere threatens peace and tranquility of the city of Aligarh. The address gives a call for national integrity and unity among the citizens. The speech also deprecates any kind of violence.” The Court also held that the District Magistrate had selective reading and selective mention for few phrases from the speech ignoring its true intent which was not sufficient to detain Dr. Khan under the NSA. The Court did not find any justifiable reasons for Khan’s detention under the NSA and rejected the story of the detention order framed by the District Magistrate and asked the government to release him immediately. Last night, he was released from Mathura jail. It is pertinent to mention that before concluding the discussion, the Court observed that preventive detention is an exceptional mode to curtail liberty and personal freedom and the right to personal liberty is a precious fundamental right as per Article 21 of the Constitution which should always be protected. The Court found no justifiable reason to curtail the personal liberty of Dr. Khan. This is why his detention order was quashed in Habeas Corpus proceedings. The Court further observed that “Under our constitutional scheme the nation of India is weaved as a democratic republic where social, economic and political justice to every citizen is secured, where liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith are constitutionally protected, where every citizen is at equal status with equal opportunities. The system of governance is to promote fraternity with assurance to maintain the dignity of every individual as well as unity and integrity of the nation. The strong and valuable fabric of our nation is well designed with support of fundamental rights given in Part-III of the Constitution. These rights are golden thread in the fabric, which is further illuminated by extending protection of life and personal liberty under Article 21 of the Constitution of India. True it is, the right so given under Article 21 is not absolute but no one can be deprived of his or her personal liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedure as are established by law. Any act that causes injury to the valuable rights given in Part-III of the Constitution would be nothing but an effort to weaken the fabric of our nation, a democratic republic. We are examining the entire issue involved in this petition with the conceptual understanding of the fundamental rights as above.” The above-mentioned observations of the Hon’ble High Court reflect the commitment of the judiciary to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens as guaranteed in our constitutional scheme. The judiciary is the guardian of the rule of law and the people knock its doors when their rights are violated by the executive or their agencies. People’s trust is the greatest strength of our judicial system. The people hold the judiciary in high esteem. By land large, the judiciary has also protected this public faith on many occasions. The Court has truly protected this public trust by coming to the rescue of Khan in this case and punctured his illegal detention by critically examining the subjective satisfaction of the executive authorities. The District Magistrate was failed to show any valid material to detain Dr. Khan under the National Security Act. Rejecting the arguments of the government regarding the subjective satisfaction of the authorities, the Court said that “it does not mean that the court cannot look into the material on which detention is based. The expression “subjective satisfaction” means the satisfaction of a reasonable man that can be arrived at on the basis of some material which satisfies a rational man. It does not refer to whim or caprice of the authority concerned. While assessing “subjective satisfaction of the detaining authority” the Court examining a petition seeking a writ of habeas corpus has to look into the record to examine whether the subjective satisfaction is acceptable to a reasonable wisdom and that satisfies rationality of normal thinking and analyzing process. The grounds for detention with supporting material is also required to be looked into to ascertain whether it is sufficient to enable the detenue to make his representation at earliest, of course, this opportunity must be effective and real. In view of above, we have looked into the speech delivered by the detenue. The closure of examining record as suggested would be nothing but a licence to allow the executives to act at their whims or caprice. This would be against the fundamentals of our constitutional values and provisions.” Indeed, these are truly justified observations in accordance with our constitutional scheme. The Court has full power to examine the material on the basis of which the detention order is based. There is no scope for absolute discretion in a constitutionally controlled democracy. The executive cannot be allowed to violate people’s rights under the cover of ‘subjective satisfaction’. There should always be some justified reasons to detain people as the detention violates people’s fundamental rights and freedoms. No authority can detain people on its own will. It cannot be allowed in a country which is governed by the rule of law. We are not a dictatorial regime. We are a constitutional democracy where the powers of the rulers are subject to the judicial scrutiny. Each authority is bound to give justification for issuing orders that affect people’s interests and legal rights. This is a basic requirement of a government based on the rule of law. No government can exercise powers against the fundamental principles of the Constitution and the rule of law. The judiciary would obviously check the executive excesses and legal violations. In the light of these observations, the High Court quashed Khan’s detention under the NSA and ordered his immediate release. This judgment would be a milestone towards the cause of personal liberty movement and protection of human rights. It will be a lesson for those who take judicial power for granted and put people behind the bars in false cases. It is a great victory of the rule of law over the majoritarian attitude that breaches rule of law. The Court has rightly sent a message to the executive that it is not above the law and is required to exercise its powers as per the laws and the constitutional norms. In a constitutional democracy, the people have all rights to criticise the policies of the government if such policies violate their rights or interests. No democracy can or should stop criticism. Criticism is a must for a healthy democracy and those who criticise the government should not be called anti-nationals or threats to national security. The Preventive Detention Laws should not be used to suppress the dissent. In this land of Bapu, law is the king of kings!Views are personal only.(Author is a practising Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India) Next Storylast_img read more

Arrests made following early morning Garda pursuit

first_imgHomepage BannerNews WhatsApp Twitter Arranmore progress and potential flagged as population grows WhatsApp Twitter Google+ Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Loganair’s new Derry – Liverpool air service takes off from CODA Google+ Arrests made following early morning Garda pursuitcenter_img Pinterest By News Highland – February 23, 2019 Previous articleLUH to invest in reducing environmental impactNext articlePSNI on scene of security alert in Co. Tyrone News Highland Pinterest Gardaí in Milford have arrested 2 men following a high speed pursuit in the early hours of this morning.The chase began when a Ford Focus car turned away from a Garda Checkpoint on the outskirts of Kilmacrennan and made off at speed.The driver is reported to have reached speeds in excess of 160km/h through a number of townlands before eventually losing control and crashing just outside Ramelton village.The driver was arrested for Dangerous Driving and Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicant, while a passenger, who attempted to make off on foot was also arrested.A small quantity of illegal drugs were recovered on both parties, with the driver to appear before Letterkenny District Court in the coming weeks. Facebook Nine til Noon Show – Listen back to Monday’s Programme Important message for people attending LUH’s INR clinic Publicans in Republic watching closely as North reopens further Community Enhancement Programme open for applications last_img read more

Lowe’s supports community through grant programs

first_img Published 11:00 pm Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Mona Daughtry is as “at home” on a fork lift as she is mixing chemicals in a lab.And, she has spent a lot of time doing both.Daughtry was the guest speaker at the Brundidge Rotary Club Wednesday. She was there to talk about Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Grant Program and to make the Rotarians more aware of Lowe’s involvement in the community. Email the author Pike County Sheriff’s Office offering community child ID kits You Might Like Mushrooms put on spectacular show in Henderson Rains following a long dry spell often produce a mushroom spectacular. Perhaps, nowhere have the mushrooms put on bigger show… read more Around the WebMd: Do This Immediately if You Have Diabetes (Watch)Blood Sugar BlasterIf You Have Ringing Ears Do This Immediately (Ends Tinnitus)Healthier LivingHave an Enlarged Prostate? Urologist Reveals: Do This Immediately (Watch)Healthier LivingWomen Only: Stretch This Muscle to Stop Bladder Leakage (Watch)Healthier LivingRemoving Moles & Skin Tags Has Never Been This EasyEssential HealthTop 4 Methods to Get Fortnite SkinsTCGThe content you see here is paid for by the advertiser or content provider whose link you click on, and is recommended to you by Revcontent. As the leading platform for native advertising and content recommendation, Revcontent uses interest based targeting to select content that we think will be of particular interest to you. We encourage you to view your opt out options in Revcontent’s Privacy PolicyWant your content to appear on sites like this?Increase Your Engagement Now!Want to report this publisher’s content as misinformation?Submit a ReportGot it, thanks!Remove Content Link?Please choose a reason below:Fake NewsMisleadingNot InterestedOffensiveRepetitiveSubmitCancel Lowe’s supports community through grant programs This Video Will Soon Be Banned. Watch Before It’s… Sponsored Content Print Article Plans underway for historic Pike County celebrationcenter_img Book Nook to reopen “If you need something or need to know something just ask,” she told the Rotarians. “We’re there to help and we want to help.”Lowe’s is a community-minded company and invests about $15 million a year in grant funding to charitable organizations across the country.Daughtry’s main topic of discussion Wednesday was Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation Grants (LCEF Grants).Daughtry said the LCEF Grants is the program that would attract the most interest from communities like Brundidge By Secrets Revealed Latest Stories By Jaine Treadwell “These grants are for K-12 public schools and community improvement projects and include public gathering spaces such as parks, community centers and clubs for young people,” she said. “Lowe’s investment in the LCEF Grants program is about $3 million annually. These grants are highly competitive nationwide because multiple organizations are eligible.”She highlighted Lowe’s Small and Large Toolbox for education programs which are designed for K-12 public/charter school improvement projects.“Lowe’s is involved in Habitat for Humanity,” Daughtry said.“Lowe’s offers grants to help build Habitat Homes and we have been involved in the building several Habitat houses here in Pike County.“Lowe’s is also involved with the Boys and Girls Club here in Troy which serves Pike and surrounding counties. Lowe’s offers grants to these clubs mainly for club rehabilitation.”Lowe’s Skills USA offers grant awards for education, community service and state teamwork competitions and CareerSafe vouchers for students in construction trades.“Grants are also available to fund rehabilitation and home modification for those who are in wheelchairs or require modifications to their homes to accommodate a disability,” Daughtry said. Troy falls to No. 13 Clemson Next UpDaughtry has been with Lowe’s for 17 years in multiple capacities. She is currently in ProServices but is also a specialist in cabinets, outdoor power equipment and live nursery.She has a degree from Troy University in chemistry and biology. She worked as a clinical scientist at Troy Regional Medical Center for 25 years and has 10 years of service in the Navy.She brings all of her experiences to her position at Lowe’s and she makes it her business to be customer friendly. Remember America’s heroes on Memorial Daylast_img read more

Extreme spikes in DMS flux double estimates of biogenic sulfur export from the Antarctic coastal zone to the atmosphere

first_imgBiogenic dimethylsulfide (DMS) is a significant contributor to sulfur flux from the oceans to the atmosphere, and the most significant source of aerosol non sea-salt sulfate (NSS-SO42−), a key regulator of global climate. Here we present the longest running time-series of DMS-water (DMSW) concentrations in the world, obtained at the Rothera Time-Series (RaTS) station in Ryder Bay, West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP). We demonstrate the first ever evaluation of interseasonal and interannual variability in DMSW and associated flux to the atmosphere from the Antarctic coastal zone and determine the scale and importance of the region as a significant source of DMS. Impacts of climate modes such as El Niňo/Southern Oscillation are evaluated. Maximum DMSW concentrations occurred annually in January and were primarily associated with sea-ice break-up. These concentrations resulted in extremely high (up to 968 µmol m−2 d−1) DMS flux over short timescales, which are not parameterised in global-scale DMS climatologies. Calculated DMS flux stayed above the aerosol nucleation threshold of 2.5 µmol m−2 d−1 for 60% of the year. Overall, using flux determinations from this study, the total flux of DMS-sulfur from the Austral Polar Province (APLR) was 1.1 Tg sulfur yr−1, more than double the figure suggested by the most recent DMS climatologies.last_img read more


first_imgRutkowski Park Shoreline CleanupThe Bayonne Nature Club, in coordination with the Hackensack Riverkeeper, is hosting a shoreline cleanup at Rutkowski Park on Sunday, August 27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.The Riverkeeper often brings canoes and serves pizza at the end. Organizers encourage participants to dress for dirty work. Tools, garbage bags, gloves, snacks, and water will be provided. The cleanup will primarily be along the boardwalk and walking path that circles through Rutkowski Park. Garbage is not only disposed of improperly by park-goers, but washes ashore from the Hackensack River.The group will also host bird walks at Lefante Way on August 12, and 26 at 9 a.m. The group meets at the first green bridge behind Otaiko Restaurant in South Cove Commons Mall, and at Rutkowski Park on August 16 at 9 a.m. × Clarification on Dollar CityIn the Briefs section of last week’s Bayonne Community News, we reported that the building that houses the Dollar City on 563-567 Broadway was sold. While the property was sold, Dollar City plans to remain open indefinitely, according to the owner.Fire at MOTBYThree fire departments rushed to the former Military Ocean Terminal Base in the early morning of Saturday, August 5 in response to a three-alarm fire at Columbia Container Services, a company that repairs and maintains chassis and shipping containers, according to the Bayonne Fire Department. No serious injuries were reported as a result of the fire, which started at 2:30 a.m. and was contained by 5 a.m. The cause of the fire remains undetermined, but was spread, in part, by compressed gas tank explosions. On the scene that night was the North Hudson Regional Fire Department, the Jersey City Fire Department, and 55 Bayonne firefighters. Car break-ins continueResidents are urged to lock their car doors to reduce the risk of their cars being broken into. A string of car burglaries was reported in the last two weeks of July. The burglaries have been an ongoing issue this summer, prompting Mayor James Davis and Police Chief Drew Sisk to issue a joint statement in June, reporting that more than 90 percent of reported burglaries occurred because of unlocked car doors.In response, the Bayonne Police Department has increased foot patrols in targeted areas and cautioned residents about car security. Residents should not only lock their doors, but not leave items of value in plain sight, or items that can indicate the presence of other valuables, such as bags that can appear to have a laptop inside, or audio wires that can indicate the presence of valuable electronics in the center console or glove compartment. ‘Garden State’ now officially NJ sloganNJ Gov. Christopher Christie signed 50 bills into law before he and his family left for a 10-day vacation. One of these laws has finally named New Jersey the “Garden State.” According to a report from The Record, the bill was inspired by a Girl Scout troop that wondered why the state had an official state bird, flower, shell, dinosaur, and even a state tall ship, but no state slogan.Penn Station repairs to end soon after Labor DaySummer repairs and upgrades at Penn Station NYC are on schedule, according to the latest update from Amtrak, but more work might be needed after the summer, which could affect NJ Transit commuters. According to a report from NJ Spotlight, workers will need roughly another month to finish repairs on Track 10, as well as part of the facility that includes a very busy section known as “A Interlocking.” Amtrak is hoping to finish the repairs by September 4.First female umpire at NJ Little LeagueJuly’s Little State Tournament, which Bayonne participated in, saw its first female umpire since the Little League started in 1949. Christine Sammon, who has worked her way up through the Little League organization, refed four of seven games last week. Tapinto Sparta, an online local news organization owned by AOL, ran a profile of Sammon earlier this month. Next year, Bayonne’s teams may be refed by her. Development plan changes handsMonGroup purchased a development site at 175 W. 7th Street earlier this month from Jinco Inc, according to a report from NJ Biz. The development plan, which calls for a five-story, 56-unit residential building, was approved in January at a zoning board meeting. The group specializes in green building design, and plans to build a green roof deck on top of its parking garage in addition to minimizing particles in the ventilation system and including energy-efficient appliances. The building will also include a fitness center, private garage, and storage units.last_img read more

Walsall site set to close

first_imgMaple Leaf Bakery has confirmed it is to close its Walsall site with the loss of 236 jobs. Attempts before Christmas to find a buyer had failed, said HR director Paul Clipson. “Sadly the staff will therefore be made redundant,” he said.Clipson told British Baker the factory was closing because the firm was withdrawing from both the sliced bread and ISB loaf categories to focus on its speciality goods. “We have completed a third line for croissant manufacturing at Maidstone, we are installing a third line for bagels at Rotherham and we are increasing volumes from our speciality bread bakery in West London,” he said.last_img

‘Am I black or am I white?’

first_imgWhen Anthony Peterson’s grandson, Damon, was 5 years old, he asked: “Am I black or am I white?” Upon hearing that he was white, Damon decided, “When I grow up, I’m going to be black.”While there was nothing wrong with Damon’s ability to distinguish colors, Peterson said his grandson was exhibiting an early understanding of how society imposes values on racial identity.Peterson, an adjunct instructor at Trevecca Nazarene University, was joined by Callie Crossley, host of WGBH’s “Under the Radar” at a recent Faculty of Arts and Sciences Diversity Dialogue.In his work, Peterson, who holds an Ed.D. and degrees in religion and psychology, strives to foster thought-provoking discussions on race — a potentially fraught topic for many.“In our lives we follow a stubbornly ingrained false narrative,” Peterson said. “We tell children that race is real but that race doesn’t matter, when the opposite is actually true. We believe that any mention of race exaggerates our differences, minimizes our similarities, and exacerbates our problems.”Peterson maintains that race is a necessary topic everywhere from the boardroom to the classroom. Studies have indicated that when adults avoid discussions about race, children receive messages about it that are inaccurate at best and damaging at worst. Children, he said, just want to know the truth.“Children who are taught to be colorblind are blindsided,” Peterson said. “When we talk openly about race, we don’t burden children — we free them.”Peterson shared examples from his own life, including a discussion with his granddaughter, Chelsea, who was horrified at a drawing of a black Elsa, a traditionally white character from Disney’s “Frozen.” Instead of “letting it go,” Peterson wanted to engage with his granddaughter about her reaction. “I had to venture into that discomfort,” Peterson said. “What followed was a loving and truthful conversation between three white children and their black grandfather.”,But for many, Peterson said, discussions about race only come up when something gains national notice, such as the 2017 white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. The danger in this, Peterson said, is that it’s easy for white people to individually denounce blatant and aggressive acts of racism and assume the conversation ends there.“The problem with this is that racism isn’t just overt and violent. Racism is not just individual,” he said. Instead, Peterson continued, we need to confront systemic racism, such as white privilege and normativity.Crossley said that too often the burden of initiating or deepening everyday conversations about race is placed on people of color. She shared studies on biases and privileges, such as Project Implicit, which includes a test that addresses people’s unconscious attitudes toward race.Even within less-overt racism, people will go out of their way to avoid being called racist, despite actions that are racist, she said.Crossley pointed out that people of color often don’t want to identify acts as racist. “You don’t want it to be that, because it is out of your control. It’s embedded in the system.”Peterson agreed that calling out racism is difficult and complex, but to say that it is not a factor in everyday interactions is disingenuous. “Race is a powerful factor, and a meaningful factor. To discount it is ignorant at best,” she said.Peterson noted that engaging in everyday conversations about race can be exhausting, but he sees opportunities to foster dialogue. “Everybody has race stories,” he said. To go deeper in conversations about race, he suggested participants get in touch with their own experiences.“Write down your story of race. Why is it difficult for you to talk about this? Why might you not want to talk about these issues? Storytelling is a way to get at these issues with a higher level of consciousness.”The next Diversity Dialogue — on the theme of storytelling to enhance inclusion — will be April 19. It will feature author and public speaker Mike Robbins, who will discuss “bringing our authentic selves to work.” The Diversity Dialogues are free and open to the public, and are offered through the FAS Dean’s Office, FAS Human Resources, and the FAS Office of Diversity Relations and Communications.last_img read more

Rapid Releases for PowerProtect Software and Appliances Affirm Dell EMC’s Commitment to Innovation Without Compromise

first_imgExpanding database use case with VM MS-SQL app aware & centralized protectionUsability enhancementsFewer clicks for an admin to monitor backup job statusOrchestrated single upgrade package to provide a simplified upgrade experience Proactive monitoringAlerts for enhanced appliance health monitoringPowerProtect X400 is powered by PowerProtect Software. And with this offering, Dell EMC is delivering on the promise to release new enhancements and operational improvements on a quarterly basis. New features and functionality brought to PowerProtect Software will be integrated into the appliance via simple and easy upgrade paths.If you are interested in having a conversation about transitioning to the next-gen data management solution, now would be a great time to get in touch with your Dell EMC account executives. We believe in the power of choice. Therefore, whether you are considering scaling out with a turnkey integrated appliance such as PowerProtect X400, or you are more interested in building your own solution and scaling up with PowerProtect DD and PowerProtect Software, we’ve got you covered. For more information on Dell EMC’s Data Protection and Data Management offerings, please visit and follow @DellEMCProtect on Twitter for our latest announcements. Between announcing PowerProtect Software and PowerProtect X400 at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, introducing Data Protection for Kubernetes at VMworld in San Francisco, and the announcement of PowerProtect DD Series Appliances earlier this month at the Dell Technologies Forum in New York City – it has certainly been a busy year for Dell EMC Data Protection. Not only has Dell EMC been busy with multiple new announcements these past months, but also our new rapid release cadence fast-tracks the availability of new capabilities more quickly than ever before. In this case, just 3 months after the availability of X400 we are delivering our first enhancements, significantly accelerating time to value for our customers.PowerProtect Software enables your IT organization to go above and beyond the ability to set protection policies, deduplicate, backup, and recover database, Windows and Linux filesystem, and VMware workloads. PowerProtect Software and the X400 appliance provide a new platform to help customers unlock business value from their data capital – including but not limited to accelerating migrations, empowering DevOps, maintaining compliance and of course, protecting data.PowerProtect Software leverages a modern, services-based architecture to ensure the ease of deployment, scaling, and upgrading that all customers desire. This approach highlights Dell EMC’s internal development focus on a rapid release cadence, which means that new features will be delivered to PowerProtect Software at an even faster pace.PowerProtect X400 benefits from this rapid release cadence as well. This modern services-based development approach is built on a trusted protection storage architecture. Dell EMC protection storage is known for delivering data integrity and advanced deduplication technology, and the PowerProtect X Series is no exception. PowerProtect X400 – just like PowerProtect DD, Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) and Data Domain appliances – features our Stream-Informed Segment Layout (SISL) scaling architecture and our data invulnerability architecture.Today, we are announcing the next release of PowerProtect X400 that will bring the following PowerProtect Software benefits to the appliance:Tighter integration with VMwareSimplified and integrated user experience for a VM admin who can now restore protected VMs from within vCenterlast_img read more